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Zombie Frontier 4

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Name Zombie Frontier 4
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Package com.feelingtouch.zfsniper
Publisher Ft Games
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Version 1.3.8
Size 302M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features God Mode
Introduce about Zombie Frontier 4BackgroundFollowing the events of season3, the zombie apocalypse has passed. However, it appears that there is still more to the narrative, and the...
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Introduce about Zombie Frontier 4


Following the events of season3, the zombie apocalypse has passed. However, it appears that there is still more to the narrative, and the epidemic is still awaiting a chance to spread once more. According to official intelligence reports, a new vaccination was developed in the goal of putting a stop to this sinister series. But as research and cloning proceed, the vaccination not only proves ineffective but actually strengthens and vitalizes the zombie virus. People were once more forced into a precarious predicament as the epidemics took shape. But in order to survive, people must fight them off and defend themselves.


A classic first-person shooter game with zombie and post-apocalyptic themes is called Zombie Frontier 4. You are among the fortunate few who have survived the pandemic, thus you will need to develop your skills to become an expert zombie hunter. In order to stop the breakouts, you must also kill any zombies you come across. As a result, issues will arise from the opening of new content. Take them down with your superb aim skills!

How to play?

The Zombie Frontier series’ games’ gameplay and controls don’t appear to have changed all that much. Controls are visible on either side of the screen when completing objectives or combating the undead. The right part allows you to aim, shoot, reload, and operate the object, while the left part aids in direction adjustment. To destroy the undead as rapidly as possible while using the first view’s intuitive virtual keyboard, you still need to play with two hands.

Difficulties and challenges are still ahead

The undead are infecting/growing faster than ever before, outnumbering you in population. It will be challenging for you because certain new zombie varieties have a lot of strength and health. You’ll run into enormous zombies, Mother Worm, tentacled zombies, and zombie dogs. Every type has distinctive traits and traits of its own. For instance, dogs are swift and strong. But because they have poor health, it is simple to kill them. If you want to avoid losing health points, you should assault them right away if you come across them in the level. They are quite healthy and have a massive body thanks to Mother Worm. They were slow and simple targets due to their “oversized” bulk, though. In general, zombie hordes tend to increase in size and power. To kill them more quickly, you will need to utilize weapons that deal more damage or go for their weak point, which is typically their head (I’ll discuss this in the next piece of content). The map, in addition to the undead, is amazing. I want to draw attention to the context and the design, respectively. In my opinion, Zombie Frontier 4 is the series’ most excellent installment. The background changes more frequently as you play at higher levels. The design is also far more intricate, realistic, and complex. When shooting zombies, you can put this to the test. Explosive impacts are presented in a very natural way by the setting, people, and activities. The top of a skyscraper, the street, a factory, a hospital, and other locations can be referenced.

Collect powerful weapons

New gun models have been added to Zombie Frontier 4 in addition to the game’s narrative, context, or content-related components. Each sort of gun has unique qualities and advantages in combat. For instance, you can easily kill the undead from a wide distance and with only one bullet when using the line of sniper guns. Strong and typical types are karabiners 98k and AWM. Rifles and automatic machine guns are also used in addition to the main weapon. They are suitable for close-range conflict. In it, the rifle has a higher rate of recoil but is more powerful and agile. The machine gun has more ammo and less recoil, but its firepower is a little bit less. The machine gun is useful for defensive battles because it is heavy to transport. You can use them in battle according on the strategies you choose to employ. Additionally, a sub-system of handguns and grenades is present in Zombie Frontier 4. You’ll require these when the ammunition in your primary weapon runs out.

Other resources

As previously said, Zombie Frontier 4’s difficulty will rise soon. Having those weapons is not always the greatest; you require something more potent. In Zombie Frontier4, you can improve and change the available weaponry. This adds to the game’s diversity, makes battles more tough, and aids in difficulty control. A few support goods are also included in the game, such as first aid kits, adrenaline, ammunition, and power boosters. During the game, coins can be used to purchase them.

MOD APK version of Zombie Frontier 4

MOD feature

  • In God Mode, you’ll live forever. Zombies are coming at you, ignore them!
  • In God Mode, you’ll live forever. Zombies are coming at you, ignore them!

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Download Zombie Frontier 4 MOD APK for Android

Have you ever considered what life may be like in a post-apocalyptic world? You will see in the most logical way possible in Zombie Frontier 4 how the zombies “die” every day in human homes. It is your duty as a survivor hunter to drive away those mutant creatures so that you can live once more.

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