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Zombie Catchers

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Name Zombie Catchers
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Package fi.twomenandadog.zombiecatchers
Publisher Deca Games
Category Action
Version 1.30.24
Size 72M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
About Zombie CatchersThe zombie genre is a favorite among game developers and filmmakers. They were once people, but a virus caused them to enter a state known as "half-dead, half-alive," in...
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About Zombie Catchers

The zombie genre is a favorite among game developers and filmmakers. They were once people, but a virus caused them to enter a state known as “half-dead, half-alive,” in which the body is still functional but the mind has vanished. The only functions of zombies are to consume live things and spread the sickness by biting them. Zombies have no fear in any video games or movies that I am aware of. When they are attracted, they move quickly and carelessly towards the target. However, have you ever considered anything that could frighten a zombie? It is the main character of the incredibly entertaining game, Zombie Catchers MOD APK (Unlimited Money), published by Two Man and a Dog and created by a Finnish game studio.

Zombie hunter

The game’s narrative is rather bizarre and outlandish. I can refer to the zombies in Zombie Catchers as cowardly zombies if the zombies in Stupid Zombies are described as dull zombies. The zombie plague is destroying the planet, endangering mankind with extinction. We are fortunate to have assistance from other worlds. A.J. and Bud, two businessmen from another galaxy, want to eradicate zombies on Earth. But their goal is to create money, not to help humanity. How? They employ zombies to create zombie juice, a preferred beverage of the aliens.

Time to hunt!

It’s time to “eat” human brains because zombies have already consumed too many of them. Instead of being as terrifying as zombies usually are, the zombies in this game are all terrified and want to flee whenever they notice the two main heroes. You can either play as Bud or A.J in this game. To go on to the following level, you must capture every zombie that is necessary for that level. This game’s gameplay is quite reminiscent of puzzle games in that you must find a solution as soon as possible, in this case, using a harpoon to catch zombies. You must first use cunning to entice them out of hiding. When you capture a zombie, you tie them up and use a balloon to launch them into the air. Your colleague will then crash the spacecraft into them and seize them after that. When you have more money, you can purchase additional tools including nets, electric guns, anesthetic weapons, traps, and explosions. Although there are many distinct kinds of zombies, this has no bearing on your approach.

Some tips to catch zombies

Watch out for zombies with weapons!

Some zombies have the ability to throw rocks or sticks at you, paralyzing you for a brief period of time. If you come across one of these zombies, hide out until they start throwing stones, then go after them.

Hide before catching zombies

In Zombie Catchers, the zombies are quite perceptive and can detect your presence up close. Immediately after dropping the brains to catch them, hide behind a big boulder or a tree. If they are aware that you are there, they will flee or even stay hidden rather than consume the brain.

Clean up the animals that obstruct

There are quite a few obstructive animals, such as snakes and bats, on various levels. You will get temporarily paralyzed if you contact them. Therefore, I believe that you should start the game by clearing them out with your rifle or spear. This facilitates the process of capturing zombies while also earning you some cash.

Upgrade weapons is necessity

The game’s premium currency is plutonium. Given how difficult it is to get this currency, you should use it to upgrade your weapons or purchase specialized weaponry, such adding more hooks to your harpoon. The game in our Zombie Catchers MOD APK provides you with unlimited money to enable you to unlock and improve anything you desire. However, if you wish to unlock them, you must acquire the necessary level for each weapon.

MOD APK version of Zombie Catchers

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: At the beginning of the game, you will have a lot of money.

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Download Zombie Catchers MOD APK for Android

Zombie Catchers offers charming soundtrack, straightforward controls, and good 2D graphics. The game is a terrific option if you’re searching for something to do to unwind after a long, stressful day at work. Are you prepared to open a Starbucks location serving the popular zombie juice?

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