Apps ZiniTevi


App Name ZiniTevi
Publisher ZiniTevi
Genre Apps
Size 14.1MB
Latest Version 1.4.0
MOD Info
  • Remove ads
  • Sponsored banner layout removed
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled
Update September 14, 2021

Having a long and difficult day at work? You’re constantly looking at the clock (or watch), hoping time would speed. As the end of your shift rolls over, you think to yourself, “What am I going to do once I’m home?” Well, Zinitevi latest version offers a quick solution for that.

This video streaming application offers all of the latest in movies and TV shows for you to enjoy. Also, with the extensive library available, you’ll never get bored. There will always be something new for you to watch.

What are the Benefits of Zinitevi?
So, you may be reluctant to download this app without any prior information. Well, we are here to tell you why the application stands out above the crowd. Here are the many benefits of installing Zinitevi to your device:

First of all, the app is 100%, without the need for any account. You can get straight to watching without having to create a personal account.
Next, there is no email registration required. You can no personal information is taken from you for using the streaming services. So you are not only getting a free service, but also a safe one!
The file size is fairly small. What does this mean? The installation process is super-fat and seamless, with barely any wait. In addition, you won’t waste much of your mobile data either.

With just these 3 benefits, we’ve blown a large majority of streaming apps out of the ball-park! So reap all of these great additions and sink your teeth into the Zinitevi download for Android now!

Some More Notable Features
Of course, if that wasn’t enough, we still haven’t gone through the features that create the core of this app. The benefits are what makes this app better. But, the actual features are what makes this app exactly what it is.

So take your time to read over the features offered to understand exactly what you’re getting before downloading the app:

Quick and seamless video streaming. As soon as you get home, you can enjoy the he library of movies and TV shows.
There is a wide variety of different movies and TV shows available. All of the most popular watches are available, while the app is constantly updated.
You can watch all videos either online or offline. So, even if you haven’t reached your home yet, you can still begin watching that episode of How I Met Your Mother, or the Avengers that you missed in theaters.
And, you have the option to organize different lists. If you have movies worth watching again, you can move them over to your Favorites List. On the other hand, if there are a few things that you’ve seen and want a record of them, add them to your Watched List.
Another great feature – subtitles. There are many different language options and captions to include when watching your videos. There are a variety of languages from all over the world, so most people aren’t excluded to region when using this application.
You can also download multiple videos for your offline streaming. As already noted, whenever you know you won’t be near a secure internet connection, just pop on one of your already downloaded movies or TV shows.

Finally, the Zinitevi movie app is compatible with many different TV platforms. You can even enjoy the app on the big screen once you get home.
Download ZiniTevi Mod APK Free for Android
Finally, if you want the best experience, you should get the APK version. That is, if you want to have Zinitevi remove ads from the app. That being said, choose your version and download now for unlimited, free, and safe video streaming!