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Introduce about ZENONIA 5The storyGamevil has garnered countless compliments from the gaming community in numerous nations worldwide with the release of part 5 of the Zenonia serie...
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Introduce about ZENONIA 5

The story

Gamevil has garnered countless compliments from the gaming community in numerous nations worldwide with the release of part 5 of the Zenonia series. You can think of it as a revolution from the developer because there has been a significant difference from the previous game. In addition, gamers are enthralled by the gripping plot of the game. Lu became the new king of Andra after slaying the demon lord. The kingdom was going through many significant changes, thus the pleasant life was only temporary. The game takes place after the war, when people’s selfishness and greed have taken over. Darkness engulfed Andra once more as the nobles started to take advantage of the underprivileged. One of them is Aster; he was slain when the army tracked out the corrupt, and he has come back to exact his vengeance this time. In the midst of that, a hero from a destroyed town rose to confront the evil powers attempting to bring Andra to an end.

Classic role playing gameplay

The development of ZENONIA 5 is based on the traditional role-playing gameplay. You select your character’s class in the first phase, and then you proceed to complete the NPCs’ provided plot missions. The joystick button can be used to move, and the right keys can be used to launch attacks. To make your character stronger, you also need to take care of leveling up, farming items, and upgrading skills. Story and real-time PvP remain the game’s two primary game types. You can engage in face-to-face combat with gamers from all over the world in the PvP arena. If you triumph in PvP battles, you will obtain alluring rewards.

Character system

There are four separate character classes in Zenonia 5. You can select the character class you want at the start of the game; options include Abel (Berserker), Evan (Mechanic), Neal (Wizard), and Ryan (Paladin). You can use Abel and Ryan, two melee attacks, in a hybrid strategy to deal damage and avoid being killed by a single monster strike. Evan is an archer, and in battle he will employ a twin pistol and a cannon. His typical strategy is to deliver a lot of damage and eliminate the opposition swiftly. To deal skill damage to monsters, Neal, you’ll need a lot of INT line points. This section has the unique function of allowing you to change the character’s appearance, including their hair and skin tone. You can select any combination of the three skin and hair colors for each character.

Forging equipment

There is nothing new about this function; the only things it offers are Upgrade, Combine, and Refine. Each feature strengthens your equipment so it can handle difficult difficulties. Your character’s stats will be greatly improved by equipment, which will be quite helpful to you in finishing the game. Additionally, gaining strength enables you to participate in additional challenging game modes and win numerous alluring presents.


The new mechanic in the Zenonia series, Abyss, is quite difficult. It only allows free membership once every day. You can fight for a limited amount of time against a random assortment of monsters and monster types at each gate. Powerful Bosses arrive to confront you after every 10 floors. Please take note that using things in this mode is not permitted. The developer also produced Hell Mode in addition to Abyss. Only after you’ve vanquished Salvatore and finished the game does this mode become accessible. You won’t have to start the game over entirely when you return to the settlement of Agran because your tools and abilities will still be from the previous turn. The objective of the game will be different from the first one because the weakest creatures all start at level 90 or higher.


The PVP mechanisms of Zenonia 5 differ slightly from those of its predecessor. The sole game type is 1v1, and your opponent will be a random person who is five levels above or below you. You have 90 seconds to defeat your opponent after a countdown of 3 seconds. Items are obviously not permitted. You are awarded the title once you have a particular number of victories. The titles that won a specific triumph will add up to all stats. Each type of title will grant you a different stat. Only the Loser title, which you can earn after losing 10 games, will boost your defense by 10%.


Zenonia 5 has a graphical revolution, as I already stated. Comparing this installment to the earlier ones, everything is noticeably better. The animation, terrain, and character designs are all much better. Not to add that the game’s UI has been enhanced. You may now maneuver characters easily and use incredibly stunning skills. It still cannot be compared to games created with Unity or Unreal Engine, though. However, only digital design is capable of creating a game of this caliber.

MOD APK version of ZENONIA 5

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The ideal option for you if you’re seeking for appealing action role-playing games is Zenonia 5. The only drawback is that your inventory is finite and you must pay real money to increase it in order to add additional stuff. Despite being entirely free, it features fantastic gameplay and lovely graphics. Let’s adopt heroic personas and engage in battle to defend Andra.

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