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Introduce about ZENONIA 4Korea's capital city of Seoul is where Gamevil is based. They primarily create games for iOS and Android. The Zenonia series' fourth installment, Zenonia4, is titled...
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Introduce about ZENONIA 4

Korea’s capital city of Seoul is where Gamevil is based. They primarily create games for iOS and Android. The Zenonia series’ fourth installment, Zenonia4, is titled Return of the Legend.

The story

Part 3 gave the impression that everything was resolved, yet the old demons reappeared. They frequently show up in human society and pose a threat to the lives of the defenseless. Ten years after Zenonia3, the main character is named Regret. Regret has entered the Land of the Fallen, a place that lies in between life and death. He runs into himself there, who has come back from the future to warn him. The forces of darkness led by the demon lord are rising and are threatening the realm of Zenonia. Regret will be entrusted with locating them and stopping them in order to establish peace to the country of Zenonia with the aid of the fairy Anya.


The role-playing action gameplay in Zenonia 4 is consistent with those of the previous installments. You will change into the characters and proceed to complete the tasks, advance in level, and use the equipment. When you kill the demon king, the game will be over. However, the creator has included co-op and online battle modes in this section, allowing you to enjoy this game with your pals. You can select one of four character classes at the start of the game. NPCs will give you jobs to complete in order to level up, earn money to purchase goods, and advance your character. The character is quite easy to operate. The viewpoint in the game is from above. To move and launch basic attacks or hero skills, tap the buttons on the right of the mobile screen’s virtual d-pad. To fast deplete the enemy’s health, combine moves to generate combos. Additionally, you must move to evade the enemy’s attacks and keep the health bar from reaching zero.


You can select one of the four character classes available in the game: Blader, Ranger, Slayer, or Druid. Each class possesses unique capabilities and a variety of development philosophies. Blader, for instance, has the option of building in one of three directions: pure damage, pure tank, or hybrid, which both deliver damage while surviving a few skills. Increases in CON for Rangers should be avoided at all costs because they squander points and only slightly boost HP. The easiest champion in Zenonia 4 is Slayer; his prowess in one-on-one matches is undeniable, and he can help you save money later. Last but not least, Druid, which is the most challenging mage character class to play. I solely consider this class in terms of increasing INT points to increase skill damage.


In terms of equipment, you should save as much cash as you can in the beginning because you will need it later on. You need a lot of money to purchase, match, and remove equipment in the middle and late game. If you make an investment in the beginning, it will be incredibly inefficient and your champion’s strength will grow very slowly. Additionally, you can purchase other potent tools in real life with money.

Co-op and PVP modes

Gamevil included a PVP function to boost the fun factor. You can now go on adventures, play online games, and play in dungeons with your pals. There are two different types of competition: 1vs1 and 2vs2. Additionally, you can join a two-person team to explore and battle monsters that are stronger than those outside, embark on Trials together, and receive a variety of alluring rewards. You can level up quickly by gaining a ton of experience from trials.


Zenonia 4 has very basic graphics. Since this game was launched in2011, graphics technology has not yet advanced, therefore it cannot be compared to AAA blockbuster graphic games. Everything, from character designs to the map, is pretty rudimentary. Although such a graphic design is not beautiful, many people prefer it since they find it more engaging. There are some players who see frame drops while playing on the snowy mountain area; for a smoother experience, turn down the visuals. This bug has not yet been repaired because the game’s final version has already been made available.

MOD APK version of ZENONIA 4

MOD feature

Free Purchasing
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Download ZENONIA 4 APK & MOD for Android

In conclusion, the gameplay of Zenonia 4 is quite appealing. Therefore, it is not difficult to comprehend when it has held the top spot on the list for a number of weeks in a row. However, Gamevil has developed two additional games, Zenonia 5 and Zenonia S, that continue to explore the world of Zenonia. However, this essay is only so long; we’ll see you in the future chapter of this Zenonia series.

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