Apps zANTI


App Name zANTI
Publisher Zimperium
Genre Apps
Size 23.9MB
Latest Version 3.19
Update September 16, 2021

A basic thing needed for everyone today is the internet. This is a highly essential need, irrespective of your race or beliefs. The internet has already become a part of our daily life. Most businesses now operate over the internet today.

One of the ways people access the internet is via WiFi connection. A good internet connection will let you enjoy an easy life. However, it is important to note that when your internet security is not assured, you’d be in danger. Your important information will no longer be secured, and this includes your banking information.

Therefore, it is important to be extra careful when using the internet. Ensuring that you’re safe while using the internet goes beyond just checking the apps and sites you use. You need to avoid malware and keylogger by all means.

You are probably wondering how you can achieve this without stress. There are currently different applications that you can make use of to ensure extra internet security. These apps will provide both WiFi and mobile security for you. One of such apps is Zanti, which is the most amazing of them all.

With this app, you can rest assured that your network will not be vulnerable to any form of attack. Download this app now on your mobile device to prevent hackers from gaining access to your network.

It is important to note that this app does not require any sign-up or registration. Interesting right?

Features of Zanti
Here are some of the features of the Zanti app

Reliable App Testing
It is worth mentioning that this is currently a top network testing application. With this app, you can carry out reliable tests on both home WiFi and device network. What’s certain is that it’d d a perfect job.

The importance of carrying out network tests cannot be overemphasized, and with this app, it becomes easy.

Easy to Use
Are you wondering if it’d be easy to carry out network tests? Then you should note that you don’t need technical knowledge to do this. The only thing you need is Zanti on your mobile device. It is easy to use, and you’d perform network tests with just a single tap.

Unlimited Usage
There’s no limit on the number of network test you can perform with this app.
Download now to enjoy this offer.