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Introduce about YourHourTo make your life healthier and more meaningful, go on a phone detox.Smart phones, two sides of the problemCan you imagine going a day without using you...
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Introduce about YourHour

To make your life healthier and more meaningful, go on a phone detox.

Smart phones, two sides of the problem

Can you imagine going a day without using your smartphone? I’ve seen a few people lying in hospital beds for hours on end, surfing the web on their phones. Some people also have two or three phones, one for personal use, one for work, and one… dedicated to gaming. Smartphones were created to alter the world, people, and era in which we live. There’s no denying that smartphones provide magical possibilities, from work and entertainment to unrestricted connectivity. However, on the other hand, the smartphone side effect raises far too many concerns. To begin with, your life and time have been disrupted. Spending too much time on the phone, for whatever reason, reduces the amount of time spent listening to yourself. The relationships in the immediate vicinity are impacted. Because one person kept plugging in the phone, there have been so many quarrels and broken feelings. The spirit of “relying on” comes next. Using your smartphone for too many things at once will gradually limit your creativity, memory, and brain movement. You wonder why your parents can remember twelve or twenty phone numbers at once while you can only remember one relative’s phone number. The most important factor is your health. Phone waves and hours spent staring at a screen every day will make you languish, and your health will deteriorate over time. The facial skin, mind, and hand muscles are the most visible. Not to mention that using the phone for several hours each day makes it difficult to sleep, easy to worry, easy to stress, and significantly reduces the body’s resistance. So, before it’s too late, determining the level of “overdose” and phone detoxing should begin today. There is currently a way to assist you in controlling your daily phone habits, a solution with a high practical effect. That is, download and use the app YourHour right away.

Why do I recommend YourHour?

Because YourHour comes with a slew of high-end capabilities that aid in phone detoxification. It quickly begins to function. Keep this in mind. The wallpaper page on YourHour is basically a short statistics page with a “zen” and friendly interface. It has information on how much time you spent on your phone and how many times you opened it in a day, week, or month. These figures can also be viewed as a graph. When you try to utilize your phone and open an app, you’ll be surprised at how much time you spend on it. Is it taking up more of your time than you are with your wife and child? Giving these “talking” numbers causes users to focus on themselves and constantly remind themselves that “further reduction is needed.” Determine the severity of your addiction. To be able to stop doing something, you must first determine your level of addiction. YourHour will do an analysis and declare your level based on the facts within 7 days. The software uses a 6-level scale from low to high, based on the advise of professional doctors: Addiction ObsessedDependent A habit that cannot be broken Highly addictive Addiction champion Slowly reducing the amount of time you spend on each task and achieving lower levels provides a great deal of motivation. A “time alert” option is also included in YourHour. The only function is to show statistics in real time. However, this data displays in all of the phone’s applications. As a result, these deterrent numbers will be visible wherever you go. To add to the “warning,” the colors of the numbers will vary based on your current level: Green is a good middle ground, Yellow is on the verge of crossing the line, and Red is over the top. Now is the time for you to come to a complete stop. YourHour also includes a more in-depth examination of the following topics: What, When, and How Much. Because you use your phone for dozens, if not hundreds, of various applications at once, in addition to listening to music, making calls, texting, and checking Facebook. As a result, YourHour has included a function that allows you to “point” in detail how much time you spent on each type of major and small app on your device. Take a look at it and make changes if needed. For instance, suppose you only work with email for 30 minutes every day but spend 4 hours on Facebook. This distinction is one that you should think about. Locking feature for apps that are smart You can also utilize the “Self-locking app” function on YourHour to ensure that the detox process is effective. When you use this setting, your app will lock itself if you go over the time limit you set. You can open the app normally the next day. The app simply says that in normal mode, but it does not limit the amount of time you can spend on the app, nor does it restrict calls or lock it. Humane and courteous behavior. Finally, you will receive weekly and monthly text messages or emails including all of these addiction-related statistics. You may also export the app’s findings, statistics, and graphs as a PDF or Excel file for printing if you wish to (but this is a paid feature).

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YourHour presently has over 2 million members and has proved to be effective in selectively lowering cell phone hours. The app is available in 19 different languages around the world, including English, German, Spanish, and French. You can utilize it no matter what you’re doing. To sum up YourHour in a single sentence? YourHour is a smart digital detoxification solution for smart digital devices. This is a fantastic approach to make phone usage more moderate and tidy. Are you prepared to give up your smartphone?

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