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Introduce about WutsapperTransfer WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business files from Android to iPhone fast and easily. Some mobile applications are used for fun and are well-known (for example, p...
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Introduce about Wutsapper

Transfer WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business files from Android to iPhone fast and easily. Some mobile applications are used for fun and are well-known (for example, photo editing software), while others have specialized and unique features but receive little attention. People seek for them only when there is a genuine need, and then they wonder if anyone else in the world requires such a rare app. I made the conversion from Android to iPhone last month. I was convinced I’d lose all of my messages, photographs, and video from family, friends, and coworkers on WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business at the time. My computer was broken, therefore it couldn’t be used as a file transfer middleman. So I went to Google to see if there was anything that could help, and Wutsapper came up.

What can the main features of Wutsapper help you?

Wutsapper is a WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business data transmission app for Android and iPhone. The process of transferring all files, no matter how large or formatted, takes only a few minutes. This application is not well-known, but it has a unique feature that makes it a must-have whenever you need it.

Wutsapper smoothly transfers all file types

Wutsapper can let you transfer any type of content to WhatsApp, including messages, contacts, photographs, info files, movies, animations, and more. With an OTG cable, file transfer is simple, quick, and efficient. Everything will be OK as long as the Internet connection is reliable and stable. Unlike in the past, you don’t need a computer to transmit files. Everything on Android phones may now be transferred to iPhones and vice versa. It’s the same with WhatsApp Business (WB). Wutsapper allows you to transfer any file format from your Android WB to your iPhone or vice versa in a secure manner. Wutsapper currently enables the transfer of up to 9 different forms of data, including text, photographs, audio, video, files, emojis, location, and more in the future, as the software is regularly updated and developed in accordance with the developer’s commitment.

Log in to multiple accounts at the same time

Wutsapper also allows you to log in to several WhatsApp accounts on the same device or on various devices using the same account. If you used to have a lot of different WhatsApp accounts and want to consolidate everything into one location so it’s nice and easy to manage, this function is quite useful. Installing Wutsapper on your device will fix this ostensibly complex problem.

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages

You’ve mistakenly erased a series of WhatsApp messages and are seeking for a means to get them back? Wutsapper can assist with this as well. Missing messages, including outgoing recordings, messages, photographs, videos, and other media assets, will be safe to recover with this application.

High security

Transferring files is a delicate process, especially when you’re dealing with private chats or sensitive material at work. Wutsapper complies with the Privacy principle in all of its major and minor features. When you transfer files, recover deleted messages, or use several WhatsApp accounts on mobile at the same time, the developer is committed to respecting the privacy of all users by not retrieving, backing up, or keeping any messages, information, or photographs. Wutsapper’s functionality might be duplicated in another software. However, the developer’s unwavering commitment prompted me to download and use it right away.

Fast transfer speed

Wutsapper offers a constant transfer speed regardless of Internet connection quality when transferring files. You may monitor the file transfer progress right on the main screen of the application without having to wait long, and it just takes a few minutes at most.

What OS version is Wutsapper currently compatible with?

The compatibility of Wutsapper is likewise fairly extensive. It requires iOS9.0, iOS10, iOS11,iOS12,iOS13,iOS14, or higher on iPhone. It requires Android7, Android8, Android9, Android10, Android11, or higher for Android smartphones. iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, and others are among the phone brands it supports. Wutsapper is also multilingual, supporting English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic at the moment. In the near future, this list will be expanded.

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MOD APK version of Wutsapper

MOD feature

Unlocked Premium

Download Wutsapper APK & MOD for Android

Download Wutsapper to use when you need to transfer files from Android to iPhone using WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business. The app’s specialized file transfer at high speeds and complete security make things a whole lot easier.

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