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Name Wrestling Empire
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Package com.MDickie.WrestlingEmpire
Publisher Mdickie
Category Games
Version 1.4.6
Size 141M
Requires Android 7.0
MOD Features Pro Membership Unlocked
Introduce about Wrestling Empireexciting mobile wrestling game!Create your own star and embark on a wrestling careerIn addition to its roughness, wrestling is one of the most well...
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Introduce about Wrestling Empire

exciting mobile wrestling game!

Create your own star and embark on a wrestling career

In addition to its roughness, wrestling is one of the most well-liked heavyweight sports for a variety of reasons. Behind it, wrestlers can learn various traditional tactics, enforceable regulations, and flexible ways to improve their own skills. There have been numerous well-known figures when incorporating wrestling into games on various platforms. However, there are always limitations in terms of expression and enormous capacity when playing wrestling games on a mobile device. Try Wrestling Empire if you want to play some serious wrestling matches but don’t want to take up too much space on your mid-range phone.

Wrestling with a variety of flexible attacks and defenses

Wrestling Empire is also very easy to play. On the screen are the control buttons for the character’s attacks and direction of movement. But it’s not easy to get the procedures down and keep them running well. To put it another way, Wrestling Empire is the kind of fighting game that seems simple yet is challenging to play. You must be skilled in your attacks in addition to combining them with appropriate defense and timing your strikes. A flawed analysis and consideration could result in your wrestler losing. It is fully up to the player to decide how to attack or combine with defense. You have the option to actively attack your opponent or to slowly observe them, identify their weak place, and then strike. You might also go for a more covert approach by occasionally sneaking in a punch, spending the rest of the time on defense to build strength, and only really attacking when the other person is worn out. Wrestling Empire moves at a moderate speed. But everything goes quite easily because of the simple control scheme and the character’s exceptional punch accuracy. This is a feature of the game that I particularly like, especially for this type of 1v1 fighting game.

Game mode

Wrestling Empire’s PvP mode with people from all around the world is another notable feature. You can select to pair with anyone and join your own own wrestling arena thanks to the large community and simple accessibility. If you play Career Mode, a light wrestler will accompany you as you rotate between large and small matches around the globe while battling 350 opponents of varying sizes and veterans from ten different squads. Each victory advances your career a little, and eventually you can achieve the title of weight class world champion, which is the goal of every wrestler.

Graphics and sound

Although its visual quality isn’t great, Wrestling Empire has its own charm because of its block-style graphic design. Everything appears to be rather rocky, prickly, and even a little harsh. But as a result, the thrill of this intense sport is revealed. Without going into detail about the characters’ appearances or the setting, Wrestling Empire must be commended for its ability to create adaptable moves. All of the wrestlers in Wrestling Empire move smoothly and deliver punches that are both slick and precise. This is what a wrestling video game really needs. Wrestling Empire does admirably in the audio department as well. The sound of hooks suddenly erupted from the spectators, followed by the referee’s voice announcing a great KO. A wonderfully lively arena has been produced by the intricate and effective sound system used by Wrestling Empire. The visual aesthetic of Wrestling Empire is also evocative of many other vintage games, where fighting or wrestling is always enjoyable rather than heavily emphasizing winning or losing tactics. You may view wrestling in its purest form and experience the thrill of this thrilling sport in Wrestling Empire.

MOD APK version of Wrestling Empire

MOD feature

Access to the Pro Membership You can also try other applications like Dragon Ball Legends, Talking Tom Gold Run, and Clash Royale.

Download Wrestling Empire APK & MOD for Android

Wrestling Empire offers a variety of experiences for you. Above all, the game places a strong emphasis on the player’s role and offers a variety of opportunities for you to use the wrestlers’ talents. Have fun playing Wrestling Empire after you download it.

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