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Worms 3

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Name Worms 3
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Package com.worms3.app
Publisher Team 17 Digital Limited
Category Arcade
Version 2.1.705708
Size 10M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlocked
Introduce about Worms 3A chaotic, darkly humorous turn-based strategy game!Retain all memories and add many new featuresNo exquisite plot is required; what matters is how you feel...
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Introduce about Worms 3

A chaotic, darkly humorous turn-based strategy game!

Retain all memories and add many new features

No exquisite plot is required; what matters is how you feel while playing. You will therefore immediately engage the battle when you start the game. You will be in charge of a worm army. To help your team succeed, use rigorous planning and tactical thinking. Turn-based fighting is what keeps Worm 3’s humor consistent throughout. The only thing from the previous iteration is this. But like the maker promised, it is unavoidably necessary for additional features. The arrival of trade cards is one of the new features added to the game that you will instantly notice. In every mode of play right now, you have the option to utilize or not. These cards are used to provide unique conditions to the match. You could, for instance, make tasks more challenging or provide players access to special support features like health boosts, damage reduction from adversaries, or worm army gravity reduction. The method the worm controls in Worms 3 has undergone significant alteration as well. You must be willing to spend some time getting acquainted to the control system on a set of virtual control buttons in this new edition. During the game, these buttons are used to control movement and simultaneously shoot at various targets. If you play games frequently, it won’t be unusual to you because more and more mobile games are being managed in this manner. The gaming system offers thorough instructions on how to utilize weapons and support goods according to the development of the first match, so if you’re playing for the first time, don’t be too anxious. You will become used to it if you simply follow it a few times. Additionally, the worm army’s arsenal in the game is far more advanced and diverse than it was in the previous generation of games. There are still some powerful items left, such as classic dynamite, prods, and bazookas. There are several new additions, including Homing Pigeon, Old Woman, and a weapon dubbed Nora’s Virus at the very top. As you progress through the game, you’ll have the option to unlock a number of new weapons and take advantage of both their unique abilities and saddening damage.

No longer playing alone, now the worm army can fight epic online

Campaign mode is Worms 3’s primary game mode. You will engage in fierce terrorist shootings, navigate difficult scenes, and engage in machine combat in this. The game currently contains 27 single-player missions with 4 fresh themes, including beach, spooky, farm, and sewer. In addition, the game has recently received a number of additional game options, such as online multiplayer and rapid matches with AI. These two game types are Worms 3’s largest departures from the previous Worms generation.

Customizing the worm army has become a joy

Worms 3 has made the ability to customize the worms into a huge thrill for any player, not only the essential modifications. There are four primary classes of the sassy worm warriors in Worms 3. They have radically diverse personalities as well as shapes, sizes, speeds, and movements. All of the soldiers in your squad can now be modified, for example, by adding accessories (wearing a cap, wearing spectacles, etc.). You may even choose how the worms wildly celebrate their triumph or what is inscribed on their gravestones to indicate how they perished in battle. You are aware at this stage of the manufacturer’s seriousness and amount of meticulous investment. To be completely honest, I will feel really appreciative and emotional while playing a game where I am certain that the entire crew put their all into each and every aspect.

Graphics and sound

Worms 3 uses 2.5D and 3D visuals for all of its images and violent combat. I did not go into great detail about how these two levels differ from one another and how to obtain an image of that level. I just know that the game looks stunning, has a delightful and hilarious design, has a very smooth screen, flexible movement, and excellent close-up and perspective visuals. Excellent colored water in particular. It is both playful and sophisticated, incredibly bright, and detailed. The sound is what gets you pumped up along with the exploding effects, flying bullets, rockets whizzing through smoke, and destroying too much in the game. When the missile destroys the earth, the sound reverberates, bullets fly through the adversary, the humorous worm voices are blended with the upbeat music, and then there are silences so you may plan your attack before continuing. Anyone who engages in this game without being enthused by the sound is most likely activating mute on their phone.

MOD APK version of Worms 3

MOD feature

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Download Worms 3 APK & MOD free for Android

Childhood games like Worms 3 are now available and are even more fascinating and appealing than before. You guys need to play this game straight away after downloading it!

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