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Name WorldBox
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Introduce about WorldBoxGamers have long been interested with and drawn to sandbox games. There are some exceptional products available for Android mobile platforms, including The Sandbox Ev...
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Introduce about WorldBox

Gamers have long been interested with and drawn to sandbox games. There are some exceptional products available for Android mobile platforms, including The Sandbox Evolution of PIXOWL and, more recently, WorldBox by Maxim Karpenko. The blending of the Sandbox and Indie genres will undoubtedly be intriguing and exciting. On their website, you can also get the PC, Mac, and Linux versions.

Build your world

Ever wanted to become a deity so you could redesign the world the way you wanted it to be? When WorldBox grants you the power of God, this is your chance. You can create and destroy everything you desire. You control everything, after all. Alternately, for additional intrigue, make something absurd (like putting the Orcs in the Elf’s territory) and observe what transpires. The table at the bottom of the screen lists all of your power. Some of its features, such as storing and loading an existing world, creating a new world, and establishing rules for the world, require your attention. When you are familiar with these concepts, you can begin the game without needing the system’s tutorials. You start to cultivate animal life on the meager amount of land you have. Civilizational capabilities enable this. A town or a kingdom can be quickly and easily created with only one click. Make things a little challenging for them instead than letting individuals live peacefully and develop as they like. Dragons, monsters, and natural disasters should all be dropped without hesitation. Human survival skills will soon be confirmed. They will be forced to the verge of extinction if they are unable to resist the risks posed by nature or the laws of the universe. WorldBox’s controls, which include touch, drag, and drop, are fairly basic. Simply choose the appropriate species, tap any place on the globe, and people will be dropped there if you choose to create them. Use two fingers to zoom in/out or drag to a different region if you wish to. You should also try these other comparable games: Galactory, The Evolution of the Sandbox,

Let’s destroy something

You can destroy anything you desire as a God, in addition to having the power to create life. There are several ways to do this at the destructive power tab. TNT is a sort of highly explosive material that, when it comes in touch with the ground, explodes and burns. In addition, you can destroy half the world’s population with mines, atomic bombs, meteorite fragments, or infinity coins, just like Thanos did in Avengers: Infinity War. These, however, are not all. One of the most cruel methods of annihilation is through monsters and natural calamities. Can you bring some fire dragons into the recently established village or kingdom to observe how people attempt to combat this terrifying being? Or make lightning, tornadoes, or even firestorms and watch them spread everywhere.


WorldBox adopts a more traditional method for the 2D pixel visuals in the present, when the majority of games are created on clear and lifelike 3D platforms. As you can see, a lot of people are attracted to these visuals, and the fact that the game has had more than 10 million downloads is the clearest indication of this. WorldBox still boasts some impressive fire effects despite its simplicity. The sounds that were captured from the genuine location are also included. All of this allows you to feel the damage that took place, or you can just sense life through the sound of birds singing or sheep being created.

MOD APK version of WorldBox

Due to a request from the developer, the MOD APK version has been removed. However, they consented to allow us distribute the unique APK version of the game. For a limited time, you can view advertisements to use the game’s paid features. You can also try other applications like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Score! Hero 2022, and Beach Buggy Racing.

Download WorldBox APK for Android now!

For your free time, WorldBox will deliver fantastic entertainment experiences. You may download the original game for free at IPHONESIDE by clicking the link in the section below this one. Start experiencing God right away!

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