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Introduce about Windy.comWhat is November1,2014, was released for the first time. Under the name Windytv, this app w...
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Introduce about

What is

On November1,2014, was released for the first time. Under the name Windytv, this app was released on Android and iOS in 2016. After a year, the developers changed the name to, which they have retained to this day. Many people all across the world have put their trust in this application. is used as a source of precise and dependable weather forecasts by professional pilots, paragliding athletes, surfers, and even governments of some nations.

The leading standard weather forecast model by NOAA is currently projecting weather conditions using data from NOAA’s GFS and ECMWF models. In addition, the application makes use of the Meteoblue NEMS model from Switzerland. All of these models are widely regarded as the most accurate in the world today. Because is one of the few weather providers to use these models, the app has a large following. According to Google Play statistics, the app has more than 10 million users.

Weather forecast for 7 days allows you to track the weather for seven days in a row. Not only that, but this software also updates the weather as it changes from day to day. This will assist you in swiftly grasping the weather so that you can prepare your plan.

Detailed weather information in each area not only gives incredibly specific weather information such as temperature, precipitation, wind speed, fog state, and so on, but it also updates swiftly. In addition, you can view the time when the sun rises and sets, as well as the shape of the moon, from anywhere on the planet. Because of the satellite radars installed in various locations throughout the world, this application may supply such vital information. As a result,’s coverage is global; you can see weather conditions in both the Arctic and Antarctica.

General weather information

When you select a weather factor, such as temperature, precipitation, or wind direction, the app will display a global heat map of that factor. This will allow you to quickly and simply compare the situation in your area to that of other locations.

Keep track of other useful information

Ivo Lukacovic, the inventor of, was a helicopter and jet pilot in the past. was created as a result of his passion for skydiving and some programming knowledge. As a result, this application is first targeted at extreme sports enthusiasts, with information mostly focused on daytime skydiving places or safe surfing spots. However, as the app grew in popularity and availability, he and his team created, which included additional helpful information such as weather at airports around the world and storm activity. Not only that, but the software also lets us see real-time photographs of some regions taken by satellite cameras, allowing users to capture the current weather scenario everywhere on the planet.

What’s more in Windy Premium version?

Windy Premium, a premium package that enables users get more information about weather, such as air quality, weather alerts, and so on, was published in 2020 by the creator. Furthermore, Windy Premium use modern optical satellites, resulting in data that is both faster and more precise. Another benefit of the Premium version is that it forecasts the weather 1 hour ahead of time with excellent resolution, whereas the free version only forecasts 3 hours ahead of time.

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MOD APK version of

MOD feature

Premium Features Unlocked: All premium features are now available.

Download MOD APK for Android

When it comes to being updated on the weather in your neighborhood, is a fantastic resource. Furthermore, this program is 100% free and does not contain any advertisements while in use. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download for Android right now!

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