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Name Wilderless
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Package com.Protopop.Wilderless
Publisher Protopop Games
Category Adventure
Version 1.6.2
Size 142M
Requires Android 8.0
MOD Features No
Introduce about WilderlessHave you lived a life that is genuinely free?The game teaches us about freedom, and how to open the mindI have to go back and look up the definition of a...
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Introduce about Wilderless

Have you lived a life that is genuinely free?

The game teaches us about freedom, and how to open the mind

I have to go back and look up the definition of an idea I thought I understood quite well because of the game Wilderless: independent game (Independent video games). These video games are independently developed and published by individuals or small teams without the significant financial outlays or extensive media exposure of major corporations. And because they are created from beginning to end by one or more developers, most independent games are the culmination of their enthusiasm and passion. Here, more clearly and precisely than ever, the developer’s perspective, vision, ideas, worries, haunts, or even the things that cannot be done in the real world are included. They frequently don’t care whether or not the game has players, despite the fact that it was created to gratify a particular urge. One such independent game is Wilderless. This is what I want to call the game of love. A single unknown person created the game; there is no company or support staff. It is as pure as the game’s themes and mechanics.

Wilderless is a world for wounded souls

There is a reason why I say “content and nature” rather than “narrative and gameplay.” In Wilderless, there are no adversaries, tasks, teams, riddles, noise, damage, or loss for you to deal with. Your mind can only be opened by experiencing genuine serenity and relaxation in the midst of mountains, sunsets, rivers, flowers, or anything else. Whether you’re a girl or a boy, pick the appearance and dress you like best, then leave. You can walk in any direction and in any place in the huge, seemingly limitless untamed environment. It makes me think of a fantasy film where the characters have idyllic lives until one of them abruptly realizes that the horizon is actually a very long column of numbers. They simply inhabit a universe that is an exact replica of the more radical species. Will this world still be ideal as a dream if I actually play as the character in this game and choose to proceed to the end? It’s obvious that I interpreted the tale differently than the game’s creator intended. It is well known that the owner of this lone game has struggled with the desire to leave his hectic life behind and return to the wild, actually living each day instead of merely going for a walk. And the setting he constructed for it is called Wilderless.

You can go anywhere, do whatever you want, just be yourself

You can choose to halt at a rockery, hut, or small cottage on the lush steppe as you explore the free world of Wilderless. Lay back and enjoy the morning, or keep your eyes peeled in the darkness to catch the last rays of the light. You can spend as much time as you like in meditation, listening to the voice of your soul while the wind, chirping birds, and murmuring streams surround you. Additionally, you can shout from the peak of the mountain, run fast through the meadows, and swim quietly in the still, small rivers. You might even travel north to see glaciers and ski down snowy routes if you enjoy the cold.

You can be anyone, anything

You have evolved beyond being a regular person. In this game, you can change into an eagle flying over the warm sky or a huge whale bobbing in the water. They will take over for all the things that humans are weak at. When you travel to new places, you can alter the surroundings by selecting the time of day or night, the weather, the season, your preferred color tone, and the song you wish to hear. You use one touch on your phone to control the entire world around you, so you are not just a passive observer living in and enjoying the simulated world (in the game). You can also try other applications like The Sims FreePlay, House Designer: Fix & Flip, and Baseball 9.

Download Wilderless APK for Android

You can utilize the in-game PhotoMode feature to take images of your character in the scenario during stunning times. I simply wish I could play as the character instead so I could take in the lovely setting and landscape. And last, I’ll just say that the game is lovely and serene. Click here to download the Wilderless APK.