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Wild Blood

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Name Wild Blood
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Package com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftWBHM
Publisher Gameloft Se
Category Action
Version 1.1.5
Size 44M
Requires Android 2.3
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Wild BloodWill unjust injustices lead blood to spill out?The plot is as compelling as a truly epic movieWhen King Arthur learned that his Servant Lancelot had been...
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Introduce about Wild Blood

Will unjust injustices lead blood to spill out?

The plot is as compelling as a truly epic movie

When King Arthur learned that his Servant Lancelot had been having an adulterous connection with his wife, Queen Guinevere, from an unnamed source, he was extremely furious. King Arthur was tricked by his sister, the first evil witch Morgana Le Fey, to open the Hellgate entrance, where all the worst forces like Demons and fire-breathing dragons are ready to enter this realm, out of desperation and maddening envy. On the mysterious island of Avalon, Morgana had seized Guinevere and was holding the Queen captive. You will begin to “clean up” this mess in the role of Lancelot, the gallant knight of the realm. The horrible issue is that you are currently in a predicament where one side is the evil Morgana and several demonic forces that have just escaped from Hellgate, and the other side is the unstoppable suspicion of the King. What will you do to escape terrible circumstances, release Queen Guinevere at the same time, and save the realm from impending disaster?

Gameplay with many things for players to explore

The character is quite easy to control. The arrow buttons to move the character are located in the lower-left area of the screen. Weapons are located in the lower right corner of the attack. It’s important to note that Lancelot can’t jump (possibly because of his bulky armor and excessive spikes), but he can roll on the ground to avoid blows rather than using his hands to block like many other combat heroes do. There are ten distinct stages in the game. Our hero will encounter 20 distinct bosses along the 10-level trek to that island of Avalon, including the most powerful demons. And in the decisive battle, he will meet the crafty witch Morgana. And Wild Blood has a small puzzle in addition to the games of going to the location, killing creatures, and slaying dragons in order to obtain an item or an upgrade in the game. You can’t just go ahead and find out what’s in the box down in the dungeon, for instance; you have to solve a problem first. These could be thought of as breaks to collect yourself while playing the game excessively.

The action scene is very eye-catching

Action game Wild Blood features numerous fight scenarios. With a sword in hand, Lancelot charges in and slices every foe. In the game, Lancelot, our knight, is not alone himself. Sir Gawain of the Knights of the Round Table constantly led and assisted him on his journey to the dark island of Avalon. The biggest riddle in the entire game is gradually being solved by Lancelot thanks to the guidance, who gradually learns what lies behind the enigmatic Hellgate door and how to put everything back the way it was. In order to combat witches and demons, Lancelot uses more than just ordinary weaponry. He will eventually advance through the game rounds. A variety of weapons, including axes, hammers, arrows, and the most potent swords, are gradually accumulated to provide the possessor the maximum devastating power. The advantage of this game is that Lancelot can combine a variety of abilities and weapons simultaneously to launch ferocious and impressive strikes. And each enemy will be affected differently by Lancelot’s most powerful strikes, such as swords that can cut fire or sparks. The game also deftly integrates battles with a variety of diverse layouts, including face-to-face, close-quarters, occasionally melee, and occasionally long-range. It’s time for you to demonstrate your keen vision and strategic acumen. Lancelot the Knight also has incredible armor sets. The main character can use these armor to assist block fire from the fierce dragon demon if you upgrade them gradually.

Multiplayer mode

You have the option of playing against AI or up to 8 players in Team Deathmatch (4v4) mode. Each mode has an own appeal. In a solo game, you are free to fight and immerse yourself fully in the plot. To beat the opponent in multiplayer mode, work together with your friends. However, there is rivalry among the “knights” themselves, and each round is decided by who has killed the most foes. If you’re interested in competing, it’s quite intriguing.

Graphics and sound

You will witness breathtaking battles in this real-time game with incredible 3D visuals. It has been reported that Gameloft will also use Unreal effect technologies to apply to every aspect of this creation’s background and character movement. Playing this game can give you the impression that you are watching a movie. The audio is excellent. The demons’ actions and ferocious shouts were accurately conveyed.

MOD APK version of Wild Blood

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds

How to install Wild Blood?

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Download Wild Blood MOD APK for Android

Wild Blood is an incredible action game, to sum up. This game should be downloaded and played right away by anyone who like this genre and is looking for a game with a tragic plot.

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