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Name WiFi Mouse Pro
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Package com.necta.wifimouse
Publisher Wifi Mouse
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Version 4.4.5
Size 13M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features No
Introduce about WiFi Mouse ProControl your PC without a mouse or keyboard from thousands of miles away.When do you need WiFi Mouse Pro?When working or studying, there are a var...
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Introduce about WiFi Mouse Pro

Control your PC without a mouse or keyboard from thousands of miles away.

When do you need WiFi Mouse Pro?

When working or studying, there are a variety of scenarios that make us want to give up: the mouse freezes during a presentation, the keyboard disconnects from Bluetooth during a project presentation, and so on. What would you do if you needed a temporary item for a critical meeting or a challenging group presentation and no one could give you one? Don’t forget about WiFi Mouse Pro! It will be beneficial to you. There is another case that is more long-term. When you sit in front of a computer for hours and use the keyboard and mouse, no matter how ergonomically designed they are, you must feel pressured and fatigued. Given this, it would be fantastic if there was a tool that could enable you remotely control the computer with just a few touches. Consider the WiFi Mouse Pro! It will also assist you. We don’t always want to sit in front of the screen, especially when playing games, and instead want to alter the ambiance, relax our hands and feet by freely roaming around the house. Because they are attached to the table, wired mice and keyboards are useless. Furthermore, wireless Bluetooth devices have a restricted range, which is ineffective. Is there a method to control the PC without any restrictions from afar? Yes, it is correct. WiFi Mouse Pro can assist you. WiFi Mouse Pro is compatible with all computer/laptop versions, regardless of whether the computer/laptop you’re using runs Windows or Mac.

Sounds pretty cool and interesting right? But is it difficult to use WiFi Mouse Pro?

Now I’ll show you how to set up and operate the WiFi Mouse Pro: If you still can’t connect to each other after completing all three procedures above, check Mouse Server on the PC to see if it’s being blocked by the firewall or being screened by anti-virus software. In any case, remember to keep the AP Router out of isolation mode, as this will prevent your PC from connecting to your phone. Isn’t it also fairly simple to use the app? You can do it in as little as 1-2 minutes. After that, because the default settings are available, it just takes 30 seconds to use.

How many outstanding features does WiFi Mouse Pro have?

You can manipulate the mouse cursor with your phone after a simple installation on a smartphone. Double-click on the left and right scroll wheels, as well as the centre scroll wheel, can be used. In addition, there is a one-touch PC on/off mode. I feel it will assist you in having a fantastic time. Furthermore, when you “convert” your smartphone into a keyboard, you will be presented with a layout that closely resembles that of a dedicated QWERTY keyboard, which is much different from that of a phone. Furthermore, WiFi Mouse Pro may enable you to type the text using only your voice. This function is only available in English. Furthermore, WiFi Mouse Pro includes a number of really useful capabilities, including rapid control of third-party apps such as VLC, Spotify, YouTube (web), Netflix (web), PPT presentations, and external display devices such as Apple TV, Samsung TV, LG TV… Also, allow me to show you something that everyone will adore. Game mode is also available on the WiFi Mouse Pro. It will let you effortlessly operate all operations of flying, leaping, shooting, hopping, and crawling with a full simulator of joysticks, buttons, and color themes for the console’s appearance. Playing games on the PC has never been so simple and entertaining!

Download WiFi Mouse Pro APK free for Android

As a result, I wish everyone a wonderful time with the WiFi Mouse Pro. Don’t forget to try out the game mode as well. Believe me when I say this: That would be ideal! Here’s where you can get the WiFi Mouse Pro APK.

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