Articles Why Bilal Saeed assaulted the boy and girl in the viral video? 

Why Bilal Saeed assaulted the boy and girl in the viral video? 

App Name Why Bilal Saeed assaulted the boy and girl in the viral video? 
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Update February 4, 2021

A video is making rounds on social media in which singer Bilal Saeed is seen beating a boy and a girl. Though the video was recorded on 10th January, it has surfaced now. The social media is flooded with speculations about Bilal Saeed’s viral video – Here’s the truth behind this video.

Bilal Saeed Viral Video

Many people claim that Bilal Saeed is assaulting his fans in the viral video for unknown reasons. However, the story is the total opposite of it. Our team dug a little deeper to bring you the truth behind this video.

Surprisingly, the boy is Bilal’s brother while the girl is his sister-in-law. The video was recorded in Lahore in the Sundar police station’s jurisdiction. Moreover, the police cops are also present on the spot, as seen in the video. It was a family matter of the two brothers that heated up in the afternoon of 10th January.

Bilal Saeed Viral Video

Bilal also lodged an FIR against his brother, which was later withdrawn. According to sources, both brothers have resolved the issue and moved on.

Bilal Saeed Reaction On The Viral Video

Soon after the video went viral, Bilal Saeed came forward to give his reaction and clear up its misconceptions. The veteran singer has said,

“I know how to respect a woman and I know how to protect a woman too! I raised my hand to protect my family. This is what they did to me while I was away from my house!”

He also added,

“And, that’s not about it. I have been a victim of their blackmailing and unfair behavior for a very long time. I stayed quiet because obviously, as an artist, my priority is my career, but these people have been taking advantage of my situation for a very long time.”

Peoples Reaction on Bilal Saeed Viral Video

Bilal Saeed is in hot water after the video surfaced on social media. His fans, followers, and criticizers are bashing him for hitting a woman. There are thousands of posts shared against the singer. People say, for whatever reason, he should not hit a woman.

Bilal Saeed Viral Video

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