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Westland Survival

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Name Westland Survival
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Package com.heliogames.westland
Publisher Helio Games
Category Games
Version 3.2.0
Size 259M
Requires Android 6.0Network required
MOD Features Free Craft, Unlimited Food & More
About Westland SurvivalHelio Games' Westland Survival is a survival role-playing game ...
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About Westland Survival

Helio Games’ Westland Survival is a survival role-playing game in the Westland vein. Due to the gameplay similarities between this game and Last Day on Earth, many claim that it is a clone of the latter. Since this game is set in Western America, it has bright colors instead of terror like LDOE. This is the game for you if you enjoy western themes, riding horses, and shooting everything in sight.

The storyline

Criminals, bounty hunters, smugglers, and even killers find the West to be the perfect place to operate. Why are these renegades acting so freely? These perpetrators implicitly follow Western law conventions. Even the cops are willing to sell a decent person for a few cash. There is only strong and weak here; there is no such thing as right or wrong. You must develop your fighting and self-defense skills if you want to survive in the West. A trader is who you play. The carriage was assaulted by a bandit as it crossed this country, killing everyone inside except for you. Now, your only motivation is retaliation. You can easily deal with them with a gun or find the men responsible and hang them.

Learn how to survive

Now that everything has been taken from you—your possessions, your friends, and your weapons—you are left with nothing but two empty hands in the middle of a strange and perilous desert. Food and water are the most crucial things right now to keep you alive. The few items that are left must be started being gathered, some of which can be put to use. Create some wood and stone tools, then use them to produce, hunt, and exploit. The risks become apparent as dusk approaches. A house is not a bad solution at the moment. Build a modest house out of wood and stone to protect yourself from lurking threats. They can be a nighttime hunter or a bandit.

Trading with native people

If you have a surplus of unneeded stuff, you can sell them to the locals for cash or in return for what you need.

Watch out for hazards

Of course, in addition to health concerns, you also need to be equipped to handle any risks nearby. There are a lot of individuals out there who want to kill you; they could be predators, bounty hunters, or robbers. Even other players are motivated to kill you in order to take your possessions. The best approach to protect oneself is to train your fighting skills and prepare strong weapons. Your health and strength also grow as you level up.

Living in the Western-style

In addition to survival exercises, Westland Survival is the perfect game for you if you’ve always wanted to live the life of a real cowboy. In my spare time, I enjoy going on walks or riding a horse and shepherding. To get bonuses, take part in some heated gun battles amongst cowboys. numerous intriguing actions that are frequently seen in Western cowboy films.


The graphics in Westland Survival are stunning in addition to having excellent gameplay. The game’s 3D graphics are realistically rendered and feature rich imagery and vibrant colors. You can see a summary of all the details in the third view. Western American-inspired graphics are used in cowboy movies. Your enemies are shown by the red arrow on the radar in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

MOD APK version of Westland Survival

MOD features

You will have the following MOD features in the MOD version:

  • No cost Craft
  • Build for Free
  • Free Improvement
  • No End to Food
  • In addition…
  • No cost Craft
  • Build for Free
  • Free Improvement
  • No End to Food
  • In addition…

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Download Westland Survival MOD APK for Android

Westland Survival is still a worthwhile game to attempt with fascinating material and addictive features, even though the gameplay is similar to Last Day On Earth. A whole new experience is provided by the cowboy theme. Why don’t you play Westland Survival right now if you want to understand what it’s like to be a cowboy?

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