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Introduce about WeSingSing and make a music video like a pro.What is WeSing?WeSing is a completely ad-free karaoke app. Not only can you si...
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Introduce about WeSing

Sing and make a music video like a pro.

What is WeSing?

WeSing is a completely ad-free karaoke app. Not only can you sing karaoke, but you can also make your own music video, record your voice, and share these entertaining and high-quality singing files on a variety of social media platforms. WeSing allows you to accomplish anything you want with your wonderful voice.

What songs do you want to sing karaoke?

You know, if you can’t find a karaoke song to sing, it may get very boring. As a result, a good karaoke software must initially have a large music library. This is something WeSing excels at. WeSing’s enormous free music store features many well-known musicians and singers from around the world, covering all types and kinds of music. It features classics, legends, and a slew of current hits that can be found on all music channels. Whatever type of music you enjoy, you’ll find it in the app. With such a large music store, the clever search feature in WeSing has to be a talking point. With just a few keywords from the name, author, singer, or a few lines in the lyrics, you may find your favorite music. For forgetful music aficionados who only recall a few words of a tune, this advanced search option will come in handy. Even after a few searches, WeSing may automatically export playlists by the same artist, genre, or time period the next time you use it. When you suddenly don’t know what to look for, you can choose from this list.

MV self-making feature

You may record your karaoke song into a music file in any format with WeSing. Not only that, but you can build a whole music video by merging your newly recorded vocals with filters, various sound effects, and still photographs or video stored on the device.

Sing with your idols and friends

Have you ever fantasized about performing a duet with a celebrity or an idol? This is a feature of WeSing. Follow your idol’s WeSing account and join as soon as a Livestream is announced; perhaps you’ll be able to duet with them. Isn’t it like something out of a dream? You can even sing in duos and trios with your buddies. Simply open WeSing wherever you are, and the entire group may put on a fantastic show. The words will be displayed on each person’s screen when using this duet mode, regardless of who you are singing with (in different places). Like traditional karaoke, each person’s speech will be distinguishable by color. After you’ve finished singing, you’ll be given a score to discover who contributed the most. There’s also a Party Room mode, which lets you gather a large group of pals to sing karaoke together. There are a lot of them, not just two like in Duet mode. Create an online party and use this feature; it’s a blast!

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Sing karaoke offline, do you think this is possible?

WeSing can let you achieve the unthinkable: sing karaoke even when you’re not connected to the internet. This function is quite practical and beneficial in my perspective. Let’s pretend you’re out with your buddies, having a picnic outside, or camping in the woods. There was no Wi-Fi at all. At that point, an offline karaoke app like WeSing will assist the group in having a fantastic night. Some folks sing for the sheer joy of it. The other significant groups, on the other hand, have additional requirements. Like when you’re making a recording or a music video. WeSing provides studio-quality sound recording and editing capabilities, as well as modern studio-standard customisation tools. You can record your voice in karaoke songs and then edit it afterwards to add additional reverberation, warmth, or improve the mix with the original song. The result will be a complete recording file in several formats that can be stored to your device right away or shared with friends on social media. Make a music video if recording your vocals isn’t enough. WeSing includes a video recording feature. You can make an MV by combining this video with the recording you just made. After the MV has been created, it can be altered using a set of editing tools to produce the final result. Customize colors, create effects, transitions, blur frames, and more with this versatile toolset. Your quick MV is now polished. Save it to your computer and share it on social media! WeSing also has a Livestream function for the owner’s top performances if you don’t want to edit a lot of intricacy. You’ll broadcast your karaoke performance live on major social media platforms and interact with the audience via the phone screen. You sound like a professional vocalist now.

Download WeSing APK and sing your song now!

If you enjoy singing, want to have a good time with your friends, and want to share your inspirational voice with the world, then download WeSing on your phone and start using it right away!

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