How to Ride Subway & Trains in Tokyo - 35 Tips!

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35 tips to help you ride the trains, subway, and Shinkansen in Tokyo Japan. I cover everything you need to know to successfully navigate Tokyo's public transportation system including how to buy tickets, how to plan your trip, and how to ride the train itself.


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Just some of the tips in the video:
- Rail in Tokyo is run by multiple companies
- No single ticket covers all trains in Tokyo
- Above ground trains and bullet train primarily run by JR
- Subways run by private companies
- Station maps don't show all lines
- Use route planning applications like Hyperdia
- Plan out your trip beforehand
- JR Pass comes in many different varieties
- JR Pass good for long distances but not very good for transport in Tokyo
- JR Pass doesn't work on Subway
- You can use JR Pass to reserve seats on the Bullet train
- Tickets are distance based are price based on distance
- Prices are shown on station map

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