There's Something Strange Happening With Jesy Nelson From Little Mix

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Little Mix Jesy Nelson Is Secretly Dating Love Island's Chris Hughes.

2019 really didn’t get off to a good start for Jesy Nelson. From the R Kelly controversy to being in a negative spotlight for months before, there’s something weird happening with Jesy Nelson. Many took offense after the Little Mix singer posted an Instagram story of herself singing to R Kelly. Yup, and she did it just a few days after “Surviving R Kelly” documentary came out. She can be seen dancing and singing to R Kelly’s 2002 track “Ignition.” Since many singers, including Lady Gaga, took a stance against R Kelly, this really isn’t a good look for Jesy. Just a few days earlier, Jesy also posted a story where one of her white friends can be heard saying the N word. Fans have pointed out that she’s definitely not exhibiting role model behavior.

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