Tokyo Tower (Day vs Night) 東京タワー 昼と夜

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Tokyo Tower during the day with Grace, and Tokyo Tower at night with Melodee! They were both beautiful in their own ways. :D
Tokyo Tower is now a little outshined by Tokyo Skytree, which has an observation deck 1.5 times higher than Tokyo Tower is tall (450m/1476ft). HOWEVER, Tokyo Tower only costs $15 to get to the top, whereas Tokyo Skytree costs a minimum of $30!!

For no money, you can go to the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku for free ( It has an observatory at a full 202m/662ft, versus Tokyo Tower's highest observatory at 250m/820ft. The twin tower govt building's observatory is much larger, and there are two of them (one in each tower). We went there before, and have some clips on our second channel:


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