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Name War Robots
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Package com.pixonic.wwr
Publisher Pixonic
Category Action
Version 8.1.1
Size 89M
Requires Android 5.0Network required
MOD Features Unlimited Rockets
Introduce about War RobotsOne of the most captivating MOBA action games with a robot theme is War Robots for Android. Pixonic first made it available in ...
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Introduce about War Robots

One of the most captivating MOBA action games with a robot theme is War Robots for Android. Pixonic first made it available in 2014. After six years of development, the game achieved numerous feats that are uncommon for video games. There are currently more than 50 million installations of War Robots. To improve the playing experience for gamers, PvP elements have been adjusted.


In War Robots, destructive robots engage in ferocious combat. The player is assigned to the battlefield with five other players when a battle starts. That objective also gradually varies based on the game mode. It could involve scoring goals or battling for one’s life until all of one’s opponent’s forces are destroyed. Personally, I favor using a survival approach to combat. War Robots made me aware of how brutal the battlefield truly is, even though there is no chance of undoing the error.


War Robots has a lot of robots. They are combat machines that defend you and thwart other wicked foes. Robots come in two varieties: common and epic. Due to their superior combat abilities and unique skill systems, which offer them an advantage on the battlefield, all players strive to be of the second kind. Loki and Stalker are two examples. They have the ability to temporarily disappear, rendering their adversary helpless before an attack. Some other robots can deal more harm or move more quickly. The robot can also have parts upgraded and replaced. If your finances let it, you ought to carry out these actions.


Weapons and robots are two different things. Although the system by default equips the robot with weapons, they are light in nature and of low importance in battle. You will have greater difficulties as time goes on. The opponent uses a variety of devastating weapons of destruction while engaging in intelligent combat. If you don’t want to lose, you need also repair the weapon on your robot. War Robots currently offers three different weapon types: light, medium, and heavy. Of course, each has a different set of abilities. Although a weapon of a lower tier may be lighter, it does less damage than a weapon of a higher tier. Additionally, as he develops, your robot will gain access to a section that can equip weapons. Up to four sections can be mounted, allowing the player to constantly assault their opponents without having to stop and reload.

Maps and tactics

12 different kinds of maps exist. Each has a distinctive construction and layout. Therefore, establishing strategies for your team to combat more successfully is quite appropriate. Springfield is pictured as a sizable map, but a river divides it, and a bridge connects the two halves. There are fields, few trees, and obstacles on one side. When there are several works to obscure and hinder the view, the opposite side is absolutely opposite. There are also eight more maps, as well as Valley, Rome, and Castle. Although the technology doesn’t provide a description, you can actively watch to record the terrain when using it.


Quick Match, Domination, Beacon Rush, Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Arena, and Skirmish are just a few of the game modes available in War Robots. Arena and Skirmish, in particular, are only accessible on weekends. In general, the game offers a variety of modes that allow players to continually change up their play. The two sorts of modes are custom and default. The AI is what players will face off against in default mode. The default player count is 6v6, and the map is chosen at random. The customized mode is unique. You can play cooperatively or competitively with friends, select a map, and set a maximum player count. They do not, however, provide any benefits or incentives.

MOD APK version of War Robots

MOD feature

Unlimited Rockets: You’ll have more than normal in terms of rockets.

How to install the MOD version?

First, get the game from Google Play (If you have never installed this game before). Step 2 is to remove the Google Play version that was downloaded. Step3: Download and set up the desired MOD version. You can also try other applications like Dude Theft Wars, Hybrid Animals, and Truck Simulator 2018 : Europe.

Download War Robots MOD APK for Android

War Robots is continually being improved and intriguing components are being added. When the publisher provides fresh updates, you may confirm this. Install the game on your Android device right away to start having epic robot fights with your buddies.

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