War After: Shooter

War After: Shooter


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Name War After: Shooter
Updated On
Package com.gdcompany.modernshooter.warfareops
Publisher Gdcompany
Category Games
Version 0.998
Size 150M
Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Ammo
Introduce about War After: Shooterstrong Android shooting game in 3D!Background...
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Introduce about War After: Shooter

strong Android shooting game in 3D!


Shooter’s War After immerses you in the post-apocalyptic setting. As resources and life became scarce, factions were continually gathering materials to construct their own fortresses. You are a valiant warrior battling in a radioactive and dusty setting to reclaim what the enemy once held. The game is a never-ending, extremely action-packed conflict. You will constantly battle, improve, and then come across increasingly challenging foes. The loop continues in numerous locations and eras.


From the developer GDCompany comes the action shooting game War After: Shooter. If you have ever played a game of this kind on a console, you will be amazed to find that it looks exactly the same on a mobile device because the graphics are so sharp. I’m not in a rush to draw any conclusions, though, as that’s simply my initial impression of the character choices and in-depth modifications. I’ll check visuals again later to see if it really is as powerful as the publisher claims. The character’s name, avatar selection, automatic firing mode, and hand control mode are all done before selecting the weapon. There are simply pistols, rifles, and snipers at the beginning, of course, since there are no superweapons. Though few, they have a really unique and stunning design. You can turn 360 degrees to look at them. They should be plenty for you to start the game without any issues, in my opinion. You are aware that you can upgrade your weaponry once you have played for a while. Later, you’ll have everything in your arsenal, from the everyday to the most lethal, including handguns, SMGs, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and a range of explosives with various purposes. The levels of the character can be used to unlock the appropriate weapons. The money earned through game wins will need to be used to purchase some additional special types of weapons. We have caps, shirts, and pants for the character’s attire. In addition to being upgraded while playing the game, these accessories will aid in the character’s protection.

Only one game mode is enough to make the game exciting

The actions and movements of the protagonist and enemies are what initially generate the excitement in the game. They move so gracefully, quickly, and majestically. I wanted to start fighting as soon as possible after seeing that my brain was being hit by blood when I picked up the gun. I think you’ll be the same way. The single game mode available is Capture the Fortress. So don’t hesitate to start a fight; there’s no need to weigh your options or compare game modes. In this mode, capturing the Fortress is more crucial than just shooting constantly in order to rack up the maximum points. Your team’s color will automatically change with each location you capture. You win the game if you get everything.

The power of graphics

The objective and the process are both very straightforward, right? You will have a great time and want to keep playing. But I’m confident that from the very first level, something will happen that will make your heart stop. That has the highest graphics and just has a light capacity of about 252 MB. You will experience excruciating excitement as soon as you have the pistol in your hands, try to control it, and take in the surroundings. The world is just like this in every way. Even now, it still takes me a few times to wipe my eyes to realize that this is a very light mobile game. I experienced a series of surprises as a result of every grass branch, the sun overhead, the hand holding the rifle, and the weapon’s specifics. You’ll lose track that you’re using a mobile device. Making decisions on how to react, fight, and combine weapons in any circumstance will be your actual struggle. For instance, you should switch to a shotgun when ambushing and utilize a sniper rifle to shoot foes from a distance when you are climbing up steep hills. In War After, shooting is also effortless and free of any difficulties or embarrassment. Attacks from aggressive opponents happen quite quickly as well. They tumble and roll around when shot, much like in real life. I mean, the physics simulation is just too accurate.

MOD APK version of War After: Shooter

MOD features

  • Unrestricted funds
  • Free ammunition
  • Unrestricted funds
  • Free ammunition

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Download War After: Shooter MOD APK for Android

Well, I’m running out of time to compliment this game. You will undoubtedly be shocked by it because it has a too-small capacity while displaying such a high-quality image. This first-person shooter game is amazing! Once you give it a try, you won’t regret it!

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