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Introduce about VolocoVoloco is the publisher RESONANT CAVITY's debut release. However, it...
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Introduce about Voloco

Voloco is the publisher RESONANT CAVITY’s debut release. However, it drew a lot of attention and, at the same time, brought the company unprecedented success. The features of Voloco are just what users are seeking for. It gives customers the ability to edit recordings in real time while also providing a comprehensive range of editing tools. Voloco is evolving as a hub for musicians and sound artists. If you want to share your interests, you should join the community to meet new people and learn about thousands of interesting things!

What is Voloco?

Voloco is a popular Android app for real-time audio editing. For fast editing during recording, you can enable frequency editing and sound effects here. This is quite useful and expedites the creation of records. Voloco is currently collecting hundreds of thousands of positive customer reviews. They claim that the software is quite useful in assisting them in the creation of cool tracks, recordings, and mixes.

Top tracks

In Voloco, we’re focused in two key categories: Top Tracks and Beats. I’ll start with the Top Tracks. This is where Voloco users publish their tracks, and you are one of them. This function constantly updates the fastest tracks while also inviting the user to select the most popular and well-liked tracks. They’re arranged in descending order; click “view all” and scroll down to learn more. The author’s name, the amount of views, and the effect used are all listed next to each track. As a result, when you access the author’s history, you can create a similar track or browse more tracks. The tunes, like the playlists found in programs like Audiomack and Spotify, can be played immediately. The products in Voloco, on the other hand, are entirely personal creations that have never been published in any form. You know, there’s a lot of musical talent in the world, and Voloco is where you’ll find it.

Discover the best beats

The “Voloco Beats” directory lists all of the beats available on Voloco. The majority of them are finished; all you need to do now is choose the correct beat to start making your first track. The beats are almost entirely unique. You do, however, have the option of editing them, adding effects, mixing, adding new music, or adjusting parameters to create a more unique beat. Every day, millions of people listen to Voloco’s rhythms. As a result, individuals are able to develop their own music products, which they then post and share with the rest of the world.

The powerful music editor

You can modify recordings, beats, and effects with Voloco. There are four key functions under the edit tab: Key, Effect, Mix, and EQ/Reverb. Those with a background in music or editing may be familiar with these tools and how to use them. A series of tutorials from the app are helpful for newcomers who are trying to improve their particular talent, since they are easy to access and learn to utilize. Voloco provides a plethora of powerful customization options to its users. You can modify the pitch of the sound (in Db units) with the Vocal and Backing Track in Mix, for example. EQ/Reverb tools, on the other hand, assist you in adjusting the Mix Fx in accordance with the Compressor, Equalizer, and Reverb in accordance with music genres/effects.

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MOD APK version of Voloco

MOD feature

Premium Features Unlocked: Voloco’s limited features have been unlocked. As a result, you may produce outstanding products by combining the high-end rhythms with the application’s sophisticated editing and mixing features.

Download Voloco MOD APK for Android

Music is ingrained in our culture. It is updated on a daily basis, and Voloco allows you to create your own music. This application is a powerful assistance tool that will assist you in adjusting and adding effects to achieve the desired music track. Voloco also allows you to connect with and share your work with the global music community. Are you ready to go on an adventure? Now is the time to download and install the app on your Android device!

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