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Name Vlogger Go Viral
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Package br.com.tapps.vloggergoviral
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Version 2.43.3
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Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Vlogger Go ViralPlay while studying to become a well-known vlogger.An attractive topic both in real life and gamesThe Gen Y and Gen Alpha generations are no strang...
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Introduce about Vlogger Go Viral

Play while studying to become a well-known vlogger.

An attractive topic both in real life and games

The Gen Y and Gen Alpha generations are no strangers to the career of vlogger. Do you wish to become a vlogger in the future after seeing the enormous Youtube channels with hundreds of thousands of Vloggers sprouting in all sectors and industries? And before you realize your dream, you should at least try to experience a true Vlogger’s entire process once. to determine whether I truly fit and remain in this intriguing profession for a long time? I’d like to present you to the simulation game of tactics Vlogger Go Viral. You’ll be assuming the position of a vlogger, starting from scratch to create your own YouTube channel, and finding various ways to bring each of your vlogs closer to the audience while gradually raising your skill level to get lots of views, admiration, and comments from fans. See how to play Vlogger Go Viral and what this simulation game has to offer.

How to play Vlogger Go Viral?

The Internet Fairy is a tiny firefly who will be your guide. If you simply follow this Fairy’s instructions, you will experience the following steps: give the Vlog channel a name (think carefully in case you become famous, the name should be easy to remember). You then decide on a video theme, shoot the video, and then upload it to YouTube. Depending on how high or low the trendiness of the video is, you can see the results right away within a few seconds. Additionally, it establishes the audience size. The number of Views is your “score” in this game. You will get more views each time you create and publish a video. The opportunity to purchase additional studio equipment with more points speeds up production and improves audience engagement (by advertising strategies, posters). When you drink a few cups of coffee, the game will occasionally “reward” you by giving you additional health and energy so you can operate more quickly and effectively. Of course, the number of views has also drastically increased. Profit from these energy coffees. Additionally, you must routinely manage your channel. You should communicate with your viewers by clicking “like,” “loving comments,” or “replying to comments” in addition to statistically grouping videos by topic. You gain points for all of these simple things. Your daily routine includes recording films, publishing them, having coffee, responding to comments, etc. This cycle may seem never-ending, but as a result, you will have access to a wealth of new working tools. Perhaps you are already familiar with the costs of electronic products like cameras, camcorders, and computer parts. These cost money. Consider Poster, a powerful channel advertisement tool. With it, you’ll start to see yourself in a lot of media, and the number of views and comments will skyrocket. You will soon establish yourself as a well-known Vlogger in the nation if you keep communicating and responding to comments. The game will reward you when you achieve a specific level with a variety of useful items, like an upgraded PC system that will speed up video production by up to 30 times and upgraded studio props that will improve both efficiency and aesthetics. The purple diamonds are the most expensive part of the award. With this diamond in your possession, you will enjoy a number of benefits and have the chance to win the diamond button on YouTube.

Gameplay is simple but depth

The essence of Vlogger Go Viral—and what makes it so appealing—is the way you make calculated decisions. Should you choose tool A or tool B when you have enough money, for example? If you have diamonds, should you invest on a new PC or use them to improve your videos? Your options will lead to many outcomes, and each of these tactical choices will have an impact on how quickly or slowly things move along.

What will you learn from the game?

First, playing the simple-to-understand video game Vlogger Go Viral will help you pass the time without losing your mind. Simply touch, select what you desire, and watch for the outcome. What do you discover from this game? You can learn more about how to become a true Vlogger and the crucial steps you must take in order to establish your channel as “something” by occupying your free time with games. You won’t likely get the opportunity to learn all of this in real life, in my opinion. You will then determine whether you are qualified for the position. Obviously, there is a tremendous difference between real life and in games. I’m only discussing channel naming. You only need to type a few letters to complete the game. However, in order to build a channel in the real world, you will need to be familiar with YouTube, have an email account, and some other fundamental skills. You know, stuff like generating videos, marketing, and running channels are significantly more difficult.

Graphics and music are very cute

Moreover, Vlogger Go Viral draws viewers in with its adorable designs. The character is moved in a straightforward, fluid, and simplistic manner. Music is fashionable and catchy. A wide variety of themes are available for creating Vlogs, and each character has a distinct appearance. You can choose from a wide variety of character incarnations right once.

MOD APK version of Vlogger Go Viral

MOD feature

Unlimited Cash: You have a large amount of cash.
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Download Vlogger Go Viral MOD APK for Android

Simply put, Vlogger Go Viral is a fun, adorable game that teaches you a lot of intriguing stuff while you play. Use the links below to download this game and start your own YouTube channel.

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