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Introduce about VikiThe home of Asian movie buffsIf you want to watch Asian movies, go to a channel that specializes in Asian moviesAs you may be aware, the Asian film business...
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Introduce about Viki

The home of Asian movie buffs

If you want to watch Asian movies, go to a channel that specializes in Asian movies

As you may be aware, the Asian film business is becoming increasingly active, with representatives from Korea, China, Japan, and Thailand in particular. These countries are producing an increasing number of films and television series. Of course, there are those who are a complete success and those who are a complete failure. However, everyone must acknowledge that these countries’ coverage is growing. However, not all movie apps or popular networks like YouTube can provide what you require. I was recently intrigued by the film Mr. Queen, which was also a hit in Korea, but I couldn’t find it on Netflix. The key reason for this is because these movie channels have a wide range of programming and do not devote 100% of their resources to the Asian market. As a result, we can see that movie-watching channels do not go into great detail on the films of each Asian country. That’s also why I’m looking for an app that focuses solely on movies and TV shows from Asian countries. And then I came across Viki.

What makes Viki so special?

Viki is a unique platform that allows you to watch practically all Asian dramas, films, and even television episodes. Film works from countries known for cinema, such as Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and India, abound. Viki can help you watch a variety of popular TV shows from various countries, in addition to movies of all genres. It’s completely free and without advertisements. Viki’s movie collection, which includes Korean TV shows, will wow you with its size. Viki has award-winning Korean dramas on every subject in chronological order. True Beauty, Tale of the Nine-Tailed Cat, Penthouse, Hotel Del Luna, and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim are among them. Viki can also assist you in revisiting timeless great Korean films such as Boys Over Flowers, Heirs, Goblin, and Descendants of the Sun. Viki also has a large selection of popular Korean variety shows and TV shows. Some Korean dramas, anime cartoons, and vivid KPOP music performances from well-known groups such as BTS, BLACKPINK, Twice, EXO, Monsta X, and GOT7 are only available on Korean television networks. Here are some samples of Viki’s Korean TV show section: Kingdom: Legendary War, I-LAND, and Heart Signal… Not to mention the potent filmmaking force of Chinese television. The Sword and the Brocade, Nirvana in Fire, Go Go Squid!, Eternal Love, Princess Agents, Scarlet Heart, and Legend of Fuyao are just a few of the popular TV shows from this country available on Viki. Taiwan is also a technologically advanced country in terms of movies and variety shows. Attention, Love!, HIStory, Before We Get Married, Refresh Man, and Lost Romance are among the most recent Taiwanese reality series and dramas available. If you enjoy Japanese culture and short films that always have their own unique qualities, and many of them leave you with a variety of unusual sensations, you should download Viki to your device. Because the app’s library contains hundreds of titles from Japanese TV shows and films. Coffee & Vanilla, You’reMy Pet, Mischievous Kiss, In Time With You, and Hakuouki SSL are some of the most well-known names. A few years ago, Thailand was a promising newcomer to the film industry. This country is known for its horror films, ghost flicks, and television shows. You will be able to watch popular Thai films and television shows such as Love By Chance, My Name Is Busaba, and Present Perfect.

The most diverse subtitle language

In comparison to European films, which almost always have English subtitles, it appears that finding Asian films with suitable subtitles is much more difficult. Many countries have their own languages, and many of them share a number of languages. Fortunately, Viki has overcome this obstacle with Multilingual Subtitles, thanks to the producer’s efforts and community contributions. Viki’s movie and TV show subtitles are available in up to 150 languages, depending on the program. I’ve never seen a movie app with such a large number of language options. This ensures that you can easily access the mother tongue in each film, no matter where you are. Users’ contributions are always welcome in Viki’s open community. Users can also contribute to the content by participating in Viki’s translation. The app maker will provide many perks, financial benefits, and great rewards to eligible contributors.

A series of friendly and useful extra features

You can save your favorite movies to watch on Viki by creating a Watch List. Park Seo Joon, Cha Eun Woo, Lee Dong Wook, Park Hyung Sik, Song Joong Ki, Park Min Young, Song Hye Kyo, and Park Bo Young are among the idols whose pages you can follow. You can interact with other users right on the main screen while watching movies. After you’ve finished watching, feel free to leave a rating and comment. This score will help later viewers gain more experience and decide whether to watch the movie or not by contributing to its improvement or vice versa. The interface is simple and easy to use, the screen is clear, and the operation buttons are similar to those found in other well-known movie applications. It takes only one minute to become acquainted with Viki.

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MOD APK version of Viki

MOD feature

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Download Viki APK & MOD for Android

In conclusion, Viki is the best place to go if you want to watch Asian movies and TV episodes. It features a large library of films with a large number of subtitles, allowing it to bypass any language barrier, which accounts for Viki’s success. Have you given it a shot yet?

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