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Full Horror Movie, English: The Perfect Husband (2014), Drama, Horror, Thriller, Full Length Movie, English: A married couple decide to spend a weekend in a remote cabin, but the romantic journey takes a turn for the worst, when a sneaking suspicion becomes pure madness.

Runtime 1h 25min
Director: Lucas Pavetto
Writers: Lucas Pavetto, Massimo Vavassori
Stars: Gabriella Wright, Bret Roberts, Carl Wharton

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Viola (Gabriella Wright) and Nichola (Bret Roberts) are going through a difficult period. The couple and their marriage are strained by a termination of pregnancy that has overwhelmed them unexpectedly. To overcome this crisis, they decide to spend a weekend in an old cottage in the woods,. But what was supposed to be a romantic weekend suddenly turns into a deadly nightmare as seething suspicion, maddening paranoia and blind rage explodes around them.

To help patch things up after the loss of their child at birth, Nicola takes his wife, Viola, to a cabin retreat in the country. Will their getaway revitalize their marriage or will it lead to something far worse than what they left behind?

Since at least as far back as Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, psychotic disassociation has played a significant part in horror. Even in film, it goes all the way back to the earliest days with William Selig’s lost 1908 adaptation of the same novel. After drifting away from the chemically induced disassociation of Stevenson’s creation and toward a more psychogenic origin, the illness has reared its multiple heads several times in modern horror cinema, most notably in Hitchcock’s restrained classic, Psycho (1960), and Alexandre Aja’s more recent, and astonishingly violent, High Tension (2003).

With NBC’s 1976 broadcast of Daniel Petrie’s Sybil, disassociation became an object of respectable mainstream examination and empathy, outside of horror; but the subject really came into its own, gaining significant traction from the faux-grunge, Tarantino-infected Millennial crowd, with implications reverberating down through numerous current horror films, when David Fincher’s dirty-noir classic, Fight Club, was released in 1999, throwing a green-tinged light onto the psychogenic fugue state.

As The Perfect Husband begins, the stage is set with a slow pan over cozy photos and home movies depicting marital bliss between Nicola (Bret Roberts) and Viola (Gabriella Wright), who are expecting a child; after this cursory establishing of characters and their familial warmth, the film heads into uneasy territory, implying the loss of the child at birth and a breakdown of relations between the spouses as a result; with that established, it becomes clear Nicola, the seemingly devoted husband, has planned a couples retreat in order to try and recover the intimacy they once had; immediately, a contentious situation occurs between Nicola’s friend, Hans, who will be looking after the goldfish while the couple is away in the country, and Viola, who’s suspicious of him. A snippy back and forth ensues, culminating in the huffy departure of Nicola and Viola. Once on the road, Viola’s mercurial reactions to the most benign gestures of affection become more pronounced. Minor bickering erupts, resentments flair, Viola believes she’s being watched (possibly by Hans?), and Nicola becomes confused and angry with Viola’s changeable moods.

Arrival at the cabin does nothing to slow this unrelenting deterioration between the two; Nicola becomes jealous, thinking Viola is cheating on him; Viola becomes frightened of Nicola’s growing instability; Nicola begins to display growing violent outbursts; and Viola steadily becomes more certain that she’s going to die by Nicola’s hand if she doesn’t do something about it. As a few other people are pulled into this maelstrom, and as the situations turn more volatile, a deadly outcome seems obvious and inevitable.

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