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Female Werewolf is a 2015 independent horror film that was written and directed by Chris Alexander. The film stars Carrie Gemmel as a woman known only as "She", who believes that she is turning into a werewolf. Female Werewolf marks Gemmel's third film with Alexander, as she had previously appeared in his prior two movies Blood for Irina and Queen of Blood.

Female Werewolf (2015):
Runtime: 1h 4min
Genre: Horror
Director: Chris Alexander
Writer: Chris Alexander
Stars: Carrie Gemmell, Shauna Henry
Country: Canada ,USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2015 (USA)

"The film follows "She" (Carrie Gemmell), an office woman that initially appears to lead a dull life working at an uninspiring office job. At night, however, she has several surreal fantasies involving s*x, blood, and a young woman (Cheryl Singleton) she works with at the office. "She" will occasionally wake up in strange places and is convinced that she's turning into a werewolf - something that she believes is evidenced by her teeth elongating."


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