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Introduce about Viber MessengerTexting and calling in a hurryWhat is Viber Messenger?Viber Messenger is a mobile application that allows...
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Introduce about Viber Messenger

Texting and calling in a hurry

What is Viber Messenger?

Viber Messenger is a mobile application that allows you to text and call other Viber users for free. Viber Messenger can only be used if both of the following conditions are met: One need is that you and your companion both have and utilize the Viber Messenger app on their smartphones. The other requirement is a stable Internet connection (via Wifi or 3G). You can use Viber Messenger anywhere, at any time, with just these two. When it comes to FREE mobile calling and texting, we currently have a variety of options: Whatsapp, Viber Messenger, and Facebook Messenger are just a few examples of messaging apps. They all have advantages and disadvantages. Viber Messenger, on the other hand, dominates in terms of international appeal among ordinary users. I have a few acquaintances. They are independent contractors with clientele from a wide range of backgrounds, social classes, and industries (from online trading, consulting to event decoration…). And, of course, the majority of them use Viber Messenger to speak with consumers who are located far away or in other countries. There’s a rationale for that decision.

It helps make high-quality calls

Viber Messenger’s call quality is considerably superior to that of other free internet calling services. I tried calling my friends using a variety of other similar apps at the same time with the same quality of transmission, and I discovered that Viber Messenger could provide faster and more stable calls regardless of the duration of the call. This is the most crucial factor in applications that have this feature. At this time, I give Viber Messenger a high rating.

Viber Messenger provides high compatibility

Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia, and Bada are just a few of the operating systems that Viber Messenger supports today. To make it simple to grasp, you may download Viber Messenger on any phone and utilize it without problem. Fortunately, the most of my pals have this app as well, so we can easily converse.

The communication method is free, simple, concise, and safe

Viber Messenger’s UI is highly pleasant and welcoming, so anyone of any age may use it right away. Simply tap the small purple icon on the screen to be sent to the chat area, where you can send personal or work messages. The next tab allows you to make free phone calls… Every function is right in front of you; simply touch it to activate it.

It is so effective for work

Viber Messenger is a user-to-user (U2U) messaging app. However, many corporations and groups have turned to Viber instead of Skype (which is becoming increasingly old and troublesome) or Slack due to its simplicity, popularity, and consistent quality (which is limited in the number of messages stored in the app). You may create group video calls with up to 20 individuals using Viber Messenger. It’s quite convenient to meet pals online, organize group meetings, and even get drinks online.

The messaging feature is powerful

When you first start Viber, the main screen is dedicated to messaging. Viber’s messaging feature allows you to accomplish a variety of things, including one-on-one personal chat, group messaging for up to 250 people, image messaging, recording, sending entire video clips, sharing links, and sending emoticons. Yes, everything is displayed on the bulletin board. The speed with which text messages are sent does not need to be examined any further. Images, music data, and even films in various formats can all be transferred quickly.

You can also try other applications like Film Maker Pro, ToonMe, and LingoDeer.

High security and privacy

All incoming and outgoing chats, meetings, and texts between devices in Viber Messenger are encrypted end-to-end by default. This implies that all data, regardless of format, is transferred in an encrypted form that can only be decrypted by the devices used by the participants in the discussion. As a result, no one (including Viber Messenger employees) can hack, eavesdrop, or read your communications. In Viber Messenger’s Messages section, there is a really useful feature. The communications may vanish on their own. You can control how long it takes the receiver to read your message by setting a timer for each communication. Within 10 seconds or up to a day, for example. The outbound message will be automatically removed in both directions after this time.

Download Viber Messenger APK for Android

This is a very handy software for me. So many benefits for a texting and calling software that can be used for both personal and professional needs!

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