Very Little Nightmares

Very Little Nightmares

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe

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Name Very Little Nightmares
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Package eu.bandainamcoent.verylittlenightmares
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe
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Version 1.2.2
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Requires Android 4.4
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Introduce about Very Little NightmaresThis game's initial release was in May2014, under the name Hunger. Little Nightmares, the PC version, left a big impression on the gaming world prior to...
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Introduce about Very Little Nightmares

This game’s initial release was in May2014, under the name Hunger. Little Nightmares, the PC version, left a big impression on the gaming world prior to the release of the Android and iOS versions. Even Very Little Nightmares, one of the best horror games, has more players than Outlast 2. Let’s find out via the article what makes the game about a young girl making such a massive storm.


Very Little Nightmares’ storyline is regarded as Little Nightmares’ precursor. The Girl with the Yellow Raincoat is the primary character. You’ll encounter Six, the primary character from the first game, along the route. On a tiny island, she awakens in an above mansion. In this frightening mansion, where giants are willing to kill children to cook, she and Six manage to escape. Pretender, Nomes, Craftsman, and a few monsters are just a few of the original game’s characters that you’ll run against.


Very Little Nightmares is a platformer game featuring puzzles and scary components as its gameplay. Imagine that you are a young girl living in a huge universe filled with terrifying monsters that are always ready to destroy you. The little physique allows you to travel slowly and covertly through the mansion’s secret passageways without drawing attention from the creatures. Keep your distance from the enormous chef in the kitchen, in particular. He doesn’t think twice about including a helpless young girl for dinner. There are no instructions or dialogue in Very Little Nightmares. You will battle enormous monsters that can engulf you during the course of the game as you go on a path that seems to stretch on forever. Of course, you are powerless to combat them; your only option is to sneak past them in the shadows. Sometimes your adversaries are petite girls in impossible locations with deep pits, abysses, and high spots. The controls are simple; all you have to do is move the small girl left, right, up, and down. Simple to play but challenging to win. This is my main point regarding Very Little Nightmares. You occasionally have some ideas. But making such concepts a reality is an entirely different matter. The amount of times you can play the game is unrestricted. Try everything you’ve thought of right away. It’s ok if you pass away. Once one concept doesn’t work, try another one.


The game has struck me as a fan of original puzzle games since I first played it. The game’s backdrop and color quickly brought to mind Playdead’s puzzle title Limbo. Taking on a perilous quest in a large globe as a still-small person. Very Little Nightmares, however, is far more unique than that. In contrast to Limbo’s 2D graphics, the game offers extremely realistic and clear 3D graphics. This offers you a completely different viewpoint during the adventure in the enormous The Maw, and the scenery causes you to lose track of time while playing. In addition, Very Little Nightmares emphasizes the coldness and loneliness of the lead character by using the primary hues of black, gray, and green. You constantly have the impression that hazards are around and just waiting to strike. The manner that sceneries and items are designed is quite rational, and each scenario has a variety of the game’s hidden meanings. Please share any noteworthy findings from this game in the comment section below the article.


There aren’t many distinguishable aspects of the sound. There are times when all you can hear are the wind and the main girl’s footsteps. This has helped to make the game’s atmosphere chilly and unsettling. You can also try other applications like Adorable Home, Score! Hero 2022, and Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition.

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Like horror video games, Very Little Nightmares lacks scary sequences. However, the chilly, tense, and mildly frightful environment will cause you to constantly hold your breath. Few video games are capable of doing this, but Bandai Namco’s puzzle game does it exceptionally well. Although the game is$4.99, you can get it for nothing by clicking the link in the article’s body.

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