Vegas Crime Simulator

Vegas Crime Simulator

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Name Vegas Crime Simulator
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Publisher Naxeex Ltd
Category Action
Version 6.2.1
Size 100M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Free Shopping
Introduce about Vegas Crime SimulatorA contrast-filled gangster confrontation! It's nearly difficult for someone who like action games to not be familiar with GTA 5. However, not everyone ha...
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Introduce about Vegas Crime Simulator

A contrast-filled gangster confrontation! It’s nearly difficult for someone who like action games to not be familiar with GTA 5. However, not everyone has a high-quality smartphone to download and play this renowned difficult game without lag. Why don’t we give Vegas Crime Simulator a go while we wait for the best times to have a top-notch phone and tablet that fits all the requirements?

Maintain the core spirit

The Vegas Crime Simulator transports you to the glamorous city. This location is well-known for its variety of entertainment options, particularly its collection of the biggest casinos in the world. There is no longer a necessity to discuss orgies when we talk about them. In this universe, you are known as a notorious gangster. Vegas is where you “live.” You don’t fear anyone and can act anyway you want in this environment. It’s acceptable to lag behind others’ tempo. Vegas Crime Simulator continues to adhere to the requirement that “I have to be the craziest.” In this game, you can carry out everyday activities that you would never dare to do in real life. It’s uncommon to come across a game that allows you to destroy everything and fully embody this crazed antagonist. You can go anywhere in the open world of Vegas to explore, argue, laugh with people you see on the street, rob any car you want, challenge any police force, and eventually become a street god whose name causes people to tremble. The violence in this game is only fitting given that unwavering spirit. Prior to allowing your children play, keep in mind to censor. Being awake at all times is also crucial for the players themselves. You must not attempt to follow and hang yourself. Unlike GTA5, Vegas Crime Simulator doesn’t have a drawn-out story full of tension or overly thrilling missions like stealing banks, setting houses on fire, capturing hostages, etc. Instead, you can have your character purge other gangsters with all weapons, kill civilians on the street, kill every police officer who tries to apprehend them, steal automobiles, drive incredibly fast, or crush anything that stands in the way. Although the devastation and mayhem are evident, the level of responsibility and suffering of the actions you can take here are often not as horrific as the game inspired.


In Vegas Crime Simulator, controlling the bad guy is also quite easy. You can see your current location in the city on a little map in the top left corner of the screen. The keys that control the character’s direction and arsenal are located below the screen. You may zoom in on the third angle in the game to see all the surrounding changes. Additionally, this criminal from Vegas is armed with an impressive array of tools and weapons, including pistols, rifles, machine guns, ice bullets, and bombs. Verify who the precise target of the purge is. Additionally, the game’s twist involves the gangster’s transportation, which generates countless speed phases. Any car on the road, regardless of who the owner is, is immediately visible as being yours the instant it attracts your attention. You are free to bring anything, including bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles, racing cars, and more specialized equipment like tanks, fighter jets, and helicopters.

Graphics and sound

Contrast GTA 5 for PC with Vegas Crime Simulator not at all. Vegas Crime Simulator will be simple to identify in the top row when compared to 3D action games now offered on smartphones. Clear pictures, convincing action simulation scenarios, and the impression of characters collapsing before insane shots of NPC characters all present. Without losing any actual action video, punch, kick, fly, or avoid guns. You’ll feel absolutely ecstatic after playing this game.

Emphasis on pure entertainment

Players will be forced to recall the satisfying story, conflicts between characters, and the decisions made by each member of the group in GTA 5. However, no one will ever forget the hours spent watching the intense fire fights on the highway. Additionally, no one can miss the breathtaking displays of speed racing that are present everywhere. Vegas Crime Simulator has performed admirably as a compact copy up until this point. You will “get” more crime whenever you do something insane, disobey the law, hurt city residents, or purge the underground in this Vegas metropolis (number of stars in the game). Of course, the more stars you have, the more well-known you are among the military, police, and general public. You’ll gradually realize that when the stars are at a certain level, you’re not dealing with some half-season gangsters or police cruisers honking for cash. It is an army with heavy weapons that pursues you relentlessly until you are destroyed before engaging in combat with evolving robots, spacecraft, and other means. The government and the authorities of the nation were shocked to learn that your “gypsy work” had left the municipal limits. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas may be your cup of tea.

Upgrade weapons, items for the character

By manipulating Vegas through the bombardment screen, you not only raise the “rogue” rate but also have a lot of money to spend on powerful weapons so you can compete with the opposing side’s heavyweights. You can also invest in yourself to improve your abilities, strength, stamina, gun accuracy, driving skills, and a range of other support items. The game’s store also sells “surreal” items for “super gangsters,” such as a magic rope that enables you to move like a superhero, wings that allow you to fly through the air and land anywhere, the Super kick ability to deal maximum damage to a large number of enemies, or the Wall Climb ability to swiftly scale steep walls and buildings. For this high-level criminal, the act of upgrading, personalizing, and purchasing items is very enjoyable.

MOD APK version of Vegas Crime Simulator

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds
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Download Vegas Crime Simulator APK & MOD for Android

You can have fun with a variety of cars, lovely graphics, and intricate gigantic effects thanks to the fantastic amusement from the bombarded life. Vegas Crime Simulator deserves a lot of respect. You guys must attempt it as well!

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