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Name Vector
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Package com.nekki.vector
Publisher Nekki
Category Casual
Version 1.4.0
Size 105M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Review VectorDo you know what parkour is? In order to avoid obstacles, competitors in the sport of Parkour must use their practical abilities. Parkour is a sport that was inspired by a numbe...
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Review Vector

Do you know what parkour is? In order to avoid obstacles, competitors in the sport of Parkour must use their practical abilities. Parkour is a sport that was inspired by a number of military practices. To become a parkour athlete, all you need is a T-shirt, a pair of sports shoes, and some training. Naturally, you must also practice diligently and seriously because this is a sport in which accidents happen frequently. Why am I bringing this up? Parkour served as the idea for publisher Nekki to create the game I will discuss below, Vector. Similar to Subway Surfers in gameplay, this game is an endless runner.


In addition, the game’s opening narrative is also highly compelling. You work for an unidentified corporation. You feel like you can’t take it anymore after being under a lot of strain from your supervisor and your job. Remove your shirt and work vest, discard all the documents your employer hands you, smash a window on the 30th level of a specific building, and then jump to the ground. But fortunately, you are a master of parkour. Run as quickly as you can through the city’s roofs; otherwise, security personnel will catch up to you and electrocute you.

Graphics like Shadow Fight

It might be claimed that Vector is Shadow Fight in parkour. The setting is highlighted by Nekki’s unique graphics technique because the game’s primary character is a dark shadow. Even though the graphics are simply in 2D, the characters’ movements are highly fluid, much like the actors in action movies. The character movements are varied and lifelike, appropriate for the situations that provide you with an engaging encounter. You may need to play a few times to get acclimated to the game’s control lag, in my opinion, so play a few times.


When playing Vector, you have a choice between the Story mode and the Hunter mode. The entire game is a chase between the security guard and the person from the office. Both have the parkour athlete’s technique. You play the role of the office worker guy in story mode. Your goal is to perform every action possible, including sprinting, jumping, climbing, and rolling, in order to get past obstacles and cross the finish line. Always be in mind that security agents are following you. He can catch up with you at any time and is prepared to surprise you, unlike security guards in Subway Surfers. Therefore, you must be astute and execute the movements properly. Controlling Vector is really easy. When coming across barriers above, swipe up once to jump, twice to perform a double jump, and down to lie and slide. Swipe to the right to accelerate when you encounter acceleration regions. Security employees can accelerate in this region, therefore you must do it. In Hunter mode, consider playing as a security guard if you don’t want to be a runaway. Despite looking so bulky in his security officer suit, he nonetheless moves with great speed and is adept at executing parkour moves with ease. You can shock him with the equipment you have in your hand as long as you approach the crime quickly.

Unlock 100+ parkour moves

I’m also reminded of Shadow Fight by another aspect of this game. To make the game more appealing, you can gather gold and utilize it to open up additional skills that you can employ while playing. These abilities are not automatically used; you must correctly handle their combo. I feel much cooler performing these talents than I do when I just sprint and jump. By playing and earning money, you can unlock and acquire new skills.

MOD APK version of Vector

We have the Vector MOD APK version available below this page to save you time.

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: The mod version provides you a lot of money to use in the game to unlock whatever you desire.

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You can finish the entire game of Vector in a few hours, but you’ll still want to play it again when you have time. To open new levels, you must gather stars. You must proceed through the stages in order to do it. You must acquire skills that are strong enough to get you through the stage. You become frustrated by your failures and desire to play more.

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