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Name Vector 2
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Package com.nekki.vector2
Publisher Nekki
Category Action
Version 1.2.1
Size 119M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Vector 2Run from the darkness in an endless parkour chase.Parkour when entering the gameA hip-hop adventure sport is parkour. where the player repeatedly combines ...
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Introduce about Vector 2

Run from the darkness in an endless parkour chase.

Parkour when entering the game

A hip-hop adventure sport is parkour. where the player repeatedly combines a variety of quick, perhaps risky maneuvers to produce appealing movements. Amazing jumps, aerial somersaults, roof-jumping feats, and Ninja-like wall-clinging. No one can dispute its odd allure, despite the fact that it is harmful in real life. Naturally, it is utilized in the game as well. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to give the gamer a fresh experience. Vector 2 is one of the standard high-speed parkour-style games that you should play if you’re interested in this activity. Vector 2 does not contain a distinct narrative. Your goal is to change into a shadowy dark hero who is rushing ahead to avoid being pursued. Run nonstop while navigating several traps and obstacles by making use of all your tools and talents.


The sprint action in this parkour-style game requires players to pay close attention to every second. You could unintentionally fall into a trap if you aren’t paying attention for even a brief moment. Furthermore, because there are so many hazards and barriers around, you must continually use your survival abilities to get through them and stay alive as long as you can. Even for someone with experience in other similar sprint games, this game is incredibly challenging to play. Because of how many and frequent the problems are—as I just mentioned—it is initially challenging. Next is due to the game’s unexpectedly rich trap system, which includes a deep hole, a laser line that crosses the aisle, tunnels, and an electric robot that flies everywhere. You continuously sprint, jump, launch, dodge, swing, and climb. Vector 2 offers a lot of dramatic action scenes because to this interesting pairing of the two sides. At the same time, it raises the bar for the player’s challenge. Generally speaking, the game’s enticing traps make it difficult to survive once you’ve played it. But fortunately, Vector 2 has a very user-friendly character control system, responsive characters, and fluid, highly customizable action. You can move freely and unhindered because pressing the button has an immediate effect. The controls are also incredibly straightforward: simply touch the screen, swipe left, slide right, or swipe up or down to assist the character in running, jumping, swinging, and traversing obstacles. Remember that avoiding even the tiniest obstacles is your main objective. There will be a device store at the conclusion of each level. You can purchase additional gear like gloves, safety jackets, and shoes here with the gold you earned during the last run. Run quicker, jump higher, and possess acrobatic abilities are all things that enhance your appearance and facilitate your progress. Some unique artifacts may even let you to make foes vanish or temporarily slow down time.

Screen structure and graphics

Every level’s game screen has a very different layout, much like the game’s pitfall system. You have everything you need to display your impressive parkour abilities. Still in the shadowy tunnel environment where you’re being pursued, although occasionally the level’s layout is random, spread-out, or deductive (the hazards increase in number gradually) (many traps move, and new traps can appear at any time). The structure of Vector 2 can be described as “unpredictable.” The game’s layout is based on a horizontal screen. Everything is quite straightforward, but no less thorough. A dark shadow that stands out against the background’s concoction of white, black, and blue is the main character you control. Sometimes, you’re only a small black dot moving ahead through a hazard-filled maze in an immense game. You frequently experience loneliness as a result of that feeling, which compels you to compel yourself to leave the confined area in front of you. The game’s feature, in my opinion, is its rather understated aesthetics, which also enable players to truly concentrate on seeing problems and acting quickly. If it were more intricate and advanced, it most likely would no longer possess the same level of excellence as Vector 2. You may test out the free Vector 2 Premium version on IPHONESIDE as well.

MOD APK version of Vector 2

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds


Spending causes your money to grow.

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A sprint game with spectacular parkour stages, Vector 2 is quick and has intuitive controls. It will be challenging for you to take your eyes off the screen due to the constantly shifting obstacle course.

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