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Vector 2 Premium


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Name Vector 2 Premium
Updated On
Package com.nekki.vector2.paid
Publisher Nekki
Category Arcade
Version 1.2.1
Size 119M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Vector 2 PremiumThe game creator NEKKI had a succinct opening line that stuck in people's minds: "We produce feelings!" If you've ever played Shadow Fight or Vector, you most...
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Introduce about Vector 2 Premium

The game creator NEKKI had a succinct opening line that stuck in people’s minds: “We produce feelings!” If you’ve ever played Shadow Fight or Vector, you most likely won’t question the aforementioned statement. Another point is that NEEKI offered versions that could be purchased once and used forever in addition to the free ones. An illustration is Vector 2 Premium, which I’ll also discuss in this piece.


A human body lab serves as the game’s opening backdrop. Many innocent people have been abducted by the unknown dictator organization in order to conduct biological research that could alter the course of human history. Unfortunately, they left a gap that allowed a man to get away. Is he present in this sizable lab? He is currently searching for a way out and coming across numerous terrible threats. You can assist him in fleeing.


The gameplay in Vector 2 Premium is similar to that in the free version. Swiping gestures on the screen allow you to control the character’s movements and evade hazards. More specifically, swipe up to roll over a low obstacle, climb over a wall, or make a jump. Scroll down by swiping down, and accelerate your pace by swiping right. Each level equates to a sizable laboratory space. The objective is to survive until the character sprints to the edge of the map in search of an exit. There are lasers, mills, and other obstacles along the road. It can be challenging for you because sometimes they are static items and other times they can move in complicated ways. Develop your control over the character and quickness of reaction to play more effectively. Although the gameplay is simple to grasp and handle, the escalating difficulty means that you won’t be able to easily master this game.

What is different from the free version?

Advertising is perpetually bothersome. It interferes with the experience, which can be frustrating when attempting to slide through a crusher, but is prevented by a video that is currently playing. This shortcoming has been fixed with Vector 2 Premium. Upgrade kit is another item. If you’re a member of Vector2, you had to pay to access them; now you can. Every time you finish a level or fulfill a specific assignment, the system will reward you. open to receive supplies.


There are several products in Vector 2 Premium that can improve your gameplay. For instance, the Magnetic Manipulator can suck everything in a three-meter radius, Adrenaline Surge gives 40 bonus units for collecting tokens in 6 seconds, and Ultimate Chip Detector increases the likelihood of finding Chip Laboratory data by 25%. And a few other things that are converted into resources for upgrading kits You can locate them when you open the upgrade kits and use them to advance in the game.

Upgrade kits

The lab is extremely dangerous and features a lot of odd hazards. As a result, characters must be well-equipped if they are to have a better chance of surviving. The helm, boots, armor, belts, and gloves are among the five pieces of equipment that can be upgraded separately. An armor can protect you from death if you are unintentionally exposed to a laser. A higher level of protection will be provided by better armor. You can also upgrade the assistance goods. For instance, the Magnetic Manipulator can absorb objects up to three meters away at its lowest level. However, it can be improved to higher levels to increase the effect’s radius.

MOD APK version of Vector 2 Premium

MOD features

You undoubtedly already know that Vector 2 Premium is a paid title. The price is $1.99. Currently, IPHONESIDE provides you with two versions: the original game’s APK file and a MOD version (Unlimited Money). By clicking the link in the article’s footer, you can entirely free download both files. Make your selection of the first version if all you want to do is play the original game. Unlimited Money: Vector 2 Premium’s MOD version comes with a lot of money. Kits can be freely upgraded, and you can buy virtual goods. You can also try other applications like Endless Nightmare, Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival, and Episode – Choose Your Story.

Download Vector 2 Premium MOD APK for Android

Your Android phone should have a spot for Vector 2 Premium. I believe this game to be extremely nice all around. Playing simple but addictively, with vibrant graphics. Players will feel compelled to investigate farther as a result of the background and plot being developed in a world filled with mystery and gloom. Finally, the NEKKI design team did a fantastic job of accurately recreating parkour moves in the character movements. You must play this game if you enjoy parkour.

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