Articles Urwa Hocane Seen Ignoring Farhan Saeed After Divorce Rumours

Urwa Hocane Seen Ignoring Farhan Saeed After Divorce Rumours

App Name Urwa Hocane Seen Ignoring Farhan Saeed After Divorce Rumours
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Update February 27, 2021

Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed make the most adorable couple. Believingly, they both are Pakistan’s ideal couple. But last year, news about their divorce surfaced on social. The news was a dagger to the heart of their loving fans. The news was disregarded because no one came forward to confirm it.

urwa hocane with farhan saeed

Urwa Hocane & Farhan Saeed haven’t appeared on any public platform together since their divorce rumours spread. However, a few days back, they both were seen together at producer Qasim Ali Mureed’s marriage event. Surprisingly, both actors were ignoring each other.

Urwa Hocane and farhan Saeed

Urwa Hocane

According to sources, Urwa Hocane & Farhan Saeed came separately to attend the event. They didn’t even stand together for pictures. Although Farhan was seen enjoying, but Urwa was like a fish out of the water. Their fans and everyone from the industry is questioning ‘What has happened?’ But there is no one to answer.


Did Urwa Hocane Divorced Farhan Saeed?

Farhan Saeed

The divorce news of both actors is still clouded. There isn’t any authentic source to confirm it. Moreover, a year back, Urwa Hocane has already stated that her divorce news is a baseless rumour. But ever since her statement, she is not even seen with Farhan Saeed together.


Was Urwa Hocane Really Ignoring Farhan Saeed?

In the Mehndi Night of Qasim Ali Mureed’s marriage event, both actors appeared together first time in a while. And the videos and news from the event suggest that there is something fishy between them.

You can also watch the video to judge by yourself: click here



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