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Name TV Empire Tycoon
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Publisher Codigames
Category Games
Version 1.11
Size 129M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
TV Empire Tycoon: It is very interesting to be a TV show managerThe topic sounds boring, but in fact, it is appealingThis game is for you if you've ever envisioned yourself as a pr...
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TV Empire Tycoon: It is very interesting to be a TV show manager

The topic sounds boring, but in fact, it is appealing

This game is for you if you’ve ever envisioned yourself as a prosperous businessman in the world of television. A nice and unusual simulation game with an uncommon and intriguing subject is called TV Empire Tycoon. Your objective is to create a successful TV show empire and hone your management skills in a very condensed amount of time. You will specifically learn management techniques and gain experience by playing fundamental management responsibilities on one or more running TV programs. You are “promoted” to middle management once you have earned enough points. Your boss will now give you the task of creating your own Studio TV in order to better service your needs and handle additional TV shows. You will eventually have the ability to produce your own TV series if you reach senior management. The more investors it attracts, the better the ratings, the more appealing the format is, the higher the score, and the more likely it is that you will advance to a super management position in the future. Empire, the holding firm, will rise to prominence as one of the top TV labels in the nation.

In the game, what skills do you need to manage work?

You must first learn a great deal about the television industry in general and the management of TV shows in particular. The next step is to develop your management skills. This, in my opinion, is a unique aspect of the game. Unlike the management simulation games I’ve experienced, which are frequently designed with professional management in mind from the beginning. You must first become an expert in people management in TV Empire Tycoon. Undoubtedly, a skilled manager has this ability in real life. Every employee must be taken into account, understood, and given guidance in order to resolve problems at work. In addition to at work, you may need to settle disputes between coworkers. When demand is high, you should think about hiring new employees. Interview candidates, obtain permission, submit requests to superiors, and terminate certain ineffective workers. No matter what level you are playing at, staff management is a constant throughout the game. Senior executives are able to produce their own unique TV programs. You will be able to develop your own programs after you are comfortable with the management. Your imagination and ability to connect things and people will be at their highest point at this point. In my perspective, this third phase is where the game’s actual suspense begins. You will need to conceive of a means to launch, advertise, draw viewers, and attract investors for the show in addition to developing new programs. After that, analyze the dangers, consider the circumstances, and choose wisely. You will play a significant role in elevating the corporate name to a new level in the sector if specific private TV show triumphs are achieved. You’ll be surrounded by numerous notable people, subordinate managers, and valuable relationships. The most crucial thing to remember at this stage is your main objective right now: expanding your business into a huge Empire. Neither a middle manager nor a senior manager, you are no longer. This section best illustrates the difference between management and leadership. The main challenge for players is likewise this.

TV Empire Tycoon is addictive thanks to its intentional slow and lovely graphics

Similar to the Idle Management subgenre, TV Empire Tycoon offers a play style that can occasionally make you feel impatient and is a touch slow and sluggish. However, there are a number of incidents and circumstances that are concealed behind that you will be unable to handle without awareness and expertise. The visuals are fantastic. The neat TV program setting is unimaginable in real life, but the animation in the game makes it amusing and adorable. There are many unfortunate circumstances, yet when you look back at the characters’ walk, you want to smile and keep playing. Try Idle Supermarket Tycoon if you wish to work in hotel management.

MOD APK version of TV Empire Tycoon

MOD feature

Unlimited Money As you utilize it, your money grows.
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Download TV Empire Tycoon MOD APK for Android

When you’re not aware of it, this game is addictive because of that deliberate paradox. Just be aware that day, night, and weekends will pass incredibly rapidly once you have played and thoroughly liked the industry. Click here to download and play TV Empire Tycoon MOD APK!

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