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Name True Skate
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Package com.trueaxis.trueskate
Publisher True Axis
Category Games
Version 1.5.50
Size 76M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about True SkateIn many nations, skateboarding is a well-liked street sport. Skateboarders are common to spot whether strolling in the park or on the street. Anyone can learn and p...
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Introduce about True Skate

In many nations, skateboarding is a well-liked street sport. Skateboarders are common to spot whether strolling in the park or on the street. Anyone can learn and play this sport for entertainment purposes. I only need a skateboard and a room big enough for me to have a good time. Skateboarding, however, may not always be an option if your park is closed or the weather is unfavorable. True Skate is a fantastic option for you if you love the sport and want to play anywhere.

The best skateboarding simulation game

The finest mobile skateboarding simulation game I’m aware of is called True Skate. In this game, you will begin as a beginner and work your way up to being a professional athlete. To succeed in the highest leagues, turn into a street artist. Your trusted companion on the arduous training path will be your skateboard. The great graphics and fluid movement of True Skate make it simple to defeat rival skating simulation games. You may experience skateboarding in real life thanks to detailed simulations in sharp 3D graphics.


In contrast to the typical skateboarding video games, in this one you control a skateboard rather than an athlete. You can steer the moving skateboard with two fingers while attempting to balance it and prevent it from flipping. Swipe on the screen to make the skateboard move in the appropriate directions, or swipe to the back to reverse the skateboard’s direction. If you’re good, you can skateboard using a number of tricks, such the kickflip or the backside.

Many types of terrain

Every skateboarder’s desire is to overcome perilous street obstacles like railings and stairs. True Skate is a sizable park with everything you could possibly want. My perspective is that we should start with the small, flat obstacles before attempting to challenge a professional player’s technical abilities. True Skate actually offers a ton of things to do. The majority of your time in the game is spent acquiring new skateboarding skills and visiting new locations. Players can discover games more easily thanks to a variety of duties. You can compete against other online gamers in skateboarding contests, which is also quite entertaining.

Unlock new skateboards

Any player who enjoys the sport will enjoy the skateboard selection from True Skate. Many players’ goals include mastering challenging tactics as well as buying contemporary skis with exquisite decorations. Additionally, you can purchase skateboarding lessons or unlock restricted places.

MOD APK version of True Skate

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: The game gives you a lot of money when you use our True Skate MOD APK (Unlimited Money). This money can be used to enhance your skis, purchase skateboarding lessons, and more. It’s easy, convenient, and totally free. A wonderful time! You can also try other applications like Trials of Mana, Scary Teacher 3D, and Car Simulator 2.

Download True Skate MOD APK for Android

If you enjoy skateboarding, True Skate is a game you just must have. You might find it difficult to practice skateboarding outside, but this game will teach you valuable skills that will improve your performance. The “entry ticket” to this skate park costs$1.99, however when downloaded from IPHONESIDE, you can play it without any restrictions.

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