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Name Trucks Off Road
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Publisher Odd Games
Category Games
Version 1.6.26471
Size 1G
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Trucks Off RoadODD Games is a relatively new creator of well-known games. However, they demonstrated that their studio has a lot of potential with the first game they release...
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Introduce about Trucks Off Road

ODD Games is a relatively new creator of well-known games. However, they demonstrated that their studio has a lot of potential with the first game they released on Google Play, Monster Truck Destruction. It’s difficult to refute the statement I just made in light of the nearly 300,000 ratings and over 10 million downloads. The figures are truthful. At the end of2019, Trucks Off Road finally made a debut after a protracted absence. Will this game perform better than its predecessors given its prior successes?


Compared to other Off-Road racing games, Trucks Off Road’s gameplay is quite standard. Generally speaking, the player’s objective is to drive his automobile and attempt to win the races. This is pretty basic and simple to understand for anyone who has ever played Monster Truck Destruction or another Off-Road variation. It all starts with the controls. There are only four buttons, and its two primary tasks are to increase or decrease speed. The placement of the equivalent buttons in the bottom two corners of the screen is perfectly reasonable for a game that was created horizontally. And those are just rules. Don’t worry if you are unsure of how it operates, how to regulate it, or how to begin the race. A beginner’s lesson has been incorporated by the creators. Therefore, there is no longer a problem. You will be paid $20,000 once you have completed consenting to the terms and language choice. There are no free automobiles available, therefore purchasing a car is the first step in beginning your quest to become a champion. There are a variety of options, with the most popular price points being $13,000 and $14,000. The race can then begin if everything is ready. In this game, there is only one type of currency. The dollar is that. Though not by much, they are not hard to locate. Sometimes the game’s developer advises players to view adverts in order to earn incentives, but that would be inconvenient for us.

The challenge is increasing

The landscape is one of the obvious distinctions in Trucks Off Road. While you can compete with your opponent in Monster Truck Destruction on dry roads or within a massive gym, most of the matches in this section take place on a muddy racetrack. Some people may wonder: What does it say? The difficulty is on a greater level, is the answer. Control is challenging in mud, and the engine’s durability declines, resulting in decreased performance. Additionally, entering certain regions will slow you down. And for that reason, you won’t be the first to cross the finish line. High competence is required for trucks off road. Along with avoiding rocks and large iron barrels, you must be mindful of any obstructions that cause the automobile to stall. However, the gameplay is calibrated appropriately, and the complexity will ramp up gradually to prevent player depression. What else can we do better, besides exercise more control?

Upgrade your vehicle

Yes, you must update the vehicle if you want it to perform better on the track. The indications on them are Power (in units of KW), Traction (in percent), and Wear ( percent ). These variables affect the traction, movement speed, and control sensitivity. So how will this impact control? Giving an illustration is simple. Traveling on slick surfaces or through mud is more advantageous if you have tires with a higher level of friction. Their traction will be much enhanced by replacing the current axle with one that is stronger and larger. Of course, you may also replace a lot of other components, including the block, the intake, the bullbar, the carburetor, the exhaust, and more. All of them are in the Upgrade.


With simply a Career mode, this game is made in a more straightforward manner. But this does not imply that only one style will lessen the experience. Ten trials to demonstrate your abilities are not monotonous. Each of them differs in terms of the requirements to win as well as the rules. Each Trial results in a greater level of difficulty. The landscape is more varied and rough. the more skilled opposition. Various leagues, from amateur, rookie, semi-pro, and world championship, are available. There are plenty additional races from Single Event. This is also regarded as an enlarged mode in general. They have been upgraded and have a lot more trophies and honors. However, each chapter requires payment in order to be unlocked.

MOD APK version of Trucks Off Road

MOD features

  • Unrestricted funds
  • No Ads
  • Unrestricted funds
  • No Ads

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Download Trucks Off Road MOD APK for Android

Trucks Off Road is an incredible off-road racing game that you must play. With a variety of comprehensive upgrades for your racing car, the game is packed with features found in top-tier racing games. Using the link below, you can download the game’s MOD version.

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