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Name Truck Simulator PRO Europe
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Publisher Mageeks Apps & Games
Category Games
Version 2.5
Size 872M
Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Truck Simulator PRO EuropeExperience real-world trucking operations and driving!Truck driving, a difficult game genreThere are several types of driving simulation ...
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Introduce about Truck Simulator PRO Europe

Experience real-world trucking operations and driving!

Truck driving, a difficult game genre

There are several types of driving simulation games, including those where you can operate motorbikes, trucks, off-road vehicles, supercars, and even bicycles. Even if you’ve gone through some of these, you have to acknowledge that operating a truck is still the most challenging. However, the trouble is internal and not visible. When you see a large car traveling slowly and appearing to be extremely leisurely on the road, you could assume that it is a leisurely game. But no, that’s when you go wrong! In a truck driving game, exceeding the speed limit, failing to obey traffic signs, and driving an enormous vehicle are just a few of the many requirements that must be met in order to succeed. So, if you win in a truck driving game, you may say that your driving abilities are at their best. I adore this category. It provides much more than just truck driving. Truck Simulator PRO Europe is one of the few uncommon games that is currently the most popular.

What’s attractive about Truck Simulator PRO Europe

You’ll drive trucks for a living. Driving a truck is required to move goods across the enormous continent of Europe. To deliver various things, the game will take you across 18 renowned European cities. Each vehicle type in the selection list has unique qualities and purposes. The standard specifications—Max Speed, Speed Limiter, Max Fuel, Horse Power, Gears, Mass, and Durability—are also extremely diverse. You are free to select from the available open templates. There are more than eight different categories of vehicles. Later, after making more money through profitable deliveries, you’ll choose to either upgrade your current truck or purchase a new one. This game’s capacity to combine is another intriguing aspect. The front end and the container together make up the bulk of a container truck. You will therefore have a variety of containers based on the mode of shipment and the nature of the order. The major goal is to make product delivery easier. Driving gives you the chance to take in the stunning and huge environment all around you. This game’s map is filled with interesting locations. The scenes are displayed throughout the day (morning, noon, dusk, and evening) and in a variety of meteorological situations (such as sun, rain, thunder, and snowfall). Truck Simulator PRO Europe has a stunning 3D setting. Darkness in a rural field reveals the dense fog, while sparkling sunlight illuminates a contemporary city motorway. The space leaves the gamer with a really positive aftertaste due to this appealing design.

Truck Simulator PRO Europe is not just a game, it’s a true business story

You will perform more complex macro calculations in addition to driving. You must be patient and take your time; nothing will be accomplished overnight. You’ll work hard to finish the chores given to you, follow the rules when you drive, and try to earn as much money as you can. The decision then becomes whether to spend the money on updating your current truck or purchasing additional ones. Your truck will work more efficiently, save time, and help you make more money. You can launch a small shipping company by purchasing a new one, but doing so will result in higher maintenance costs and a requirement for more drivers. In exchange, you’ll open for business earlier and get more revenue from having more trucks. You make the decision based on your time and skill level. You will eventually take over a well-known truck business. After acquiring legal ownership, you must consider several crucial issues, including how to build your company, how many employees to hire, and when to raise your pay. When compared to other driving games that are frequently played, this element is extremely odd.

Multi-dimensional view

You can effortlessly switch between two different viewpoints depending on the circumstance and your preferences. Your hands can be seen gripping the wheel and using the console’s levers in the first-person perspective. Although the outside visibility is somewhat constrained, this vision allows for better and more flexible control of the vehicle. Alternately, you can select a top-down, back-to-front third-person perspective. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a steering wheel and simulated control buttons. Despite the steering wheel’s rigidity, sightseeing with this view is incredible.

Realistic simulation

You can tell that this game is actually designed for folks who want to experience true driving emotions if you pay close attention to every little detail. The stats and effects in the game and those in real life are essentially identical. Try to keep the following in mind:

  • The truck has a steering wheel, a realistic manual clutch, and a shifting mode.
  • Show gasoline use as it would be in the actual world.
  • The speed limit is set in accordance with local legal requirements.
  • 30 various types of containers that are identical in size, shape, and proportion to those found in nature.

The physical impacts of how to stop, reverse, roll, decelerate, accelerate, turn the truck, etc. are all also simulated. So, you’ll always have the impression that you’re operating a genuine vehicle.

MOD APK version of Truck Simulator PRO Europe

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds


To get a lot of money, you select a profile that is open. Make a new profile if you wish to play an original game. You can also try other applications like Pocket Love, Spaceflight Simulator, and Clash of Clans.

Download Truck Simulator PRO Europe MOD APK for Android

In this game, you can operate a truck, take your time admiring the lovely countryside from various angles, and manage a truck company from a tiny one to an empire. I can’t think of any excuse to pass up a fun game like Truck Simulator PRO Europe. Play this game to experience it!

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