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Name Trekarta - offline maps for outdoor activities
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Package mobi.maptrek
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Version 2022.05
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Introduce about TrekartaLong-distance trekking treks are supported by the app, which can also be used offline and has other useful features.What is Trekarta?...
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Introduce about Trekarta

Long-distance trekking treks are supported by the app, which can also be used offline and has other useful features.

What is Trekarta?

Trekarta is made for hiking, mountain climbing, trail exploring, and off-road adventures. That means you may use it not only as a walking companion, but also as a companion for any outdoor activity, such as cycling, boating, or camping.
Trekarta has the unique ability to use maps without access to the Internet. Trekarta is often referred as as a short exploration itinerary. Import and share locations and routes from GPX and KML data formats, as well as construct your own in the app. The entire group will have a clear, easy-to-follow travel schedule in hand, complete with precise procedures.
You may use Trekarta to keep track of your trips, mark significant landmarks, and do a variety of other useful functions to ensure that you never get lost. There are also better databases afterwards if you wish to pursue this route again.

Offline explore maps

Finding Wifi signals or accessing the Internet via 3G or 4G on your phone while moving or doing outside activities is nearly difficult. All online apps that rely on the Internet will be rendered obsolete in this scenario.
Trekarta is unlike any other place you’ve ever been. This software uses an OpenStreetMap vector map that can be used offline and is updated daily by contributors, additions, and collaborations. Because of the sharing from the user community around the world, you may view the map at any time, from anywhere, without having to be online, and with the utmost accuracy and update.
This map includes elevation contours and extensive topological data. For improved visibility, some map information can be filtered. Trekarta also includes built-in assistance for observing hillside terrain, which is critical for trekkers. To cover the present area, you can add custom sqlite or mbtiles maps. Shaders will be added to custom maps.

Hiking Companion

Trekarta is a great hiking buddy. The hiking activity mode in Trekarta puts a special emphasis on the map’s roads and routes. Finding the shortest and safest path is quite beneficial.
Trekarta graphically indicates the difficulty and clarity of the path you are attempting to follow by the clarity of the trail. You can see how many roads extend out to major road surfaces from where you are standing. It also shows OSMC icons to help you find the path you want.

Support Cycling activities

Trekarta shows cycling routes when it is switched to Cycle Assist mode. The complexity and visibility of the mountain bike path may therefore be easily viewed by users.

Support for Skiing and Skating trips

In the ski activity mode, a clear, easy-to-read winter map shows practically all types of skiing, including downhill, hiking, and sightseeing routes, as well as nearby ski resorts.

Explore the Terrain with Trekarta

Trekarta shows almost fully unpaved roads or dirt roads. Rain, fog, winter and frost are especially highlighted to warn users. Large and small roads, or even trails, slopes around the mountainside where you cannot find on other types of maps, are displayed in Trekarta.
Terrain exploration is thus richer, longer and safer.

You can also try other applications like Stellio, Mojo, and Speechify.

Record the journey

Trekarta’s thorough journey marking is one of its standout features. Trekarta was created with this purpose in mind. Simply start by pressing a button and then conclude by pressing it again. If you don’t need to look at the map, you can close the program; the path will be saved in the background automatically.
Plugins can be used to extend the capabilities of Trekarta. Plugins that are currently available include:

  • Share location
  • Dropbox sync

Download Trekarta APK for Android

It’s great to have a desire to explore the landscape and participate in a variety of fascinating outdoor activities, but safety and route preparation should always come first. Trekarta can accompany you on your journey as a guide, support, and companion. With primary features such as directions, incredibly comprehensive maps, and track recording, the application is neither confusing nor difficult to use.

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