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Name Traffic Tour
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Package com.wolvesinteractive.traffictour
Publisher Wolves Interactive
Category Games
Version 1.8.1
Size 84M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
About Traffic Tour: A new endless arcade racing gameAn unlimited arcade racing game called...
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About Traffic Tour: A new endless arcade racing game

An unlimited arcade racing game called Traffic Tour MOD APK tests and develops the best drivers. The game immediately gained a global following after its first November7,2016, release on iOS and Android. Driving at the speed of light is possible in this game without running the risk of an accident or breaking any traffic laws.


The gameplay of Traffic Tour is comparable to that of well-known mobile racing games like Asphalt 8. However, you are the only rider in the race; there is no competition. Your worst adversary is you. In this game, you get to drive on limitless highways in the supercars of your dreams. After each trip, sharpen your driving skills and practice to become the best driver you can be. In essence, Traffic Tour is not your standard arcade racing game with limitless running. Players can complete tasks in Career mode that are ranked from easy to difficult. To advance to the harder missions, you must first finish the game’s mission. The game is similar to a driving school where you may practice driving on busy highways with lots of moving traffic. You are still alright after collision with another car; nobody was hurt. The only issue was that your car was stuck there for a while. Naturally, if you are continually in that circumstance—especially when on time-sensitive missions—you cannot finish the assignment. Don’t forget to gather power-ups along the way. They might be cash or energy to ignite nitro.


A racing game’s fundamental control keys, including the accelerator, brake, and left and right arrow keys, are displayed on your screen. Additionally, double-tapping the accelerator to activate the nitro makes the automobile move more quickly. Nitro should, in my opinion, only be used on wide roads with few automobiles. Too much speed might make driving difficult to control and result in an accident. You have three driving options with Traffic Tour, including tilting the device, pressing buttons, and turning the steering wheel. Smartphone gamers frequently use the device’s tilting driving mode. You can tilt and turn your phone like a steering wheel to change the car’s direction. Alternately, select the virtual driving wheel mode if you desire something more difficult. You can change the driver’s vision in the game by tapping the camera icon on the left side of your screen. Either the cockpit or the car’s back can be used for viewing.


To provide gamers the most lifelike experience possible, Traffic Tour developed traffic systems and automobiles to resemble those in real life. The game’s visuals have been given considerable consideration. Realistic and vibrant weather effects with a variety of environments, including desert and snow, are also vital to make gamers feel at ease during each tour.


There are currently Career, Racing Now, Endless, Free Ride, Time Trial, and any event modes available in Traffic Tour. You can play online with friends or other players in the Racing Now mode in particular. Facebook social networking allows you to ask your friends to take part in an intriguing race. The objective of the seasonal ranking system is to identify the top drivers. All drivers receive presents at the end of each season that correlate to where they placed in the rankings.

Unlock and upgrade

Of course, the luxury cars are always the main draw for players in a racing game. More than 40 supercar models, including those from Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren, are available on Traffic Tour. You can earn money after each assignment to purchase a new car after starting with the Grandlo GR45. You need to pay money to unlock some models. Additionally, you can choose any color for the car with a change of 1500 coins. Along with honing your driving techniques, upgrading your vehicle is the quickest way for you to finish challenges in Career mode. You can choose from three different types of improvements in the game, such as handling, braking, and acceleration. Also available are better wheels.


If there weren’t too many advertisements on Traffic Tour, everything would be ideal. Every time I take an action, such as upgrading vehicles, changing their colors, purchasing new vehicles, or finishing a mission, advertisements pop up. The impact on the player’s experience is significant. In the forthcoming upgraded editions, the publisher Wolves Interactive should make this better.

MOD APK version of Traffic Tour

You get all of your favorite automobiles in our MOD version. The difficulties of this game are easily handled with fully upgraded supercars.

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: After each expenditure, your money will reset to zero. To get more money to use, please restart the game after closing it.
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Download Traffic Tour MOD APK for Android

Traffic Tour is a racing game worth playing with many intriguing elements, despite its flaws. The game features stunning visuals, captivating gameplay, thrilling supercars, challenging task systems, and more. This is a game that people who enjoy both speed and adventure should not miss.

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