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Name Townsmen Premium
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Package com.hg.townsmen7
Publisher Handygames
Category Games
Version 1.14.5
Size 78M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Gold/Crowns
Introduce about Townsmen PremiumThe enhanced Townsmen Premium game has more appealing feature...
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Introduce about Townsmen Premium

The enhanced Townsmen Premium game has more appealing features than the original Townsmen games. The game was created by Handy Games, a publisher best known for titles like Gun’n’Glory and This Is The Police2. It falls under the umbrella of simulation games with management components. As you play the game, a gorgeous Middle Ages area is transported to you, where you will construct a wealthy and flourishing city.


An intriguing management and tactics game called Townsmen Premium. There, a large city must be built from a tiny, isolated town. You need to look for locations to mine metal ores and areas to plant farms in order to do this. You can get gold through mining and harvesting your farm, which helps you pay for everything. You can increase your production by constructing new farms and gardens with the money you earn. Build more high-rise structures, amusement parks, markets, and bars as well to make your city livelier. From there, more and more people will start visiting your city. More occupations, such as those in trading, transportation, or working in a bar, are available to citizens as the city expands. You will have enough money to open up many additional categories if you start taxing individuals. However, life is not always quiet and joyous. There are numerous undiscovered risks to people’s life in Townsmen Premium. The calm of the community could be disturbed at any time by bandits who are always lurking around. Furthermore, severe weather events like floods, blizzards, and droughts can endanger crops and spread infectious diseases. You must be a good leader if you want to keep the citizens of the city safe.

Protect your city

You must come up with a number of strategies to safeguard people’s safety in the face of dangers that put the city’s tranquility at jeopardy. You need to construct a lot of military barracks with strong soldiers because outlaws could pose a threat. To ensure the safety of the populace, appoint several watchtowers and strong, courageous warriors. In addition, because of the weather, the city is constantly in risk of being destroyed by natural disasters. In addition to rainy days, the city must deal with other natural disasters like floods, droughts, and snowstorms due to weather effects and realistic seasons. Following this, a number of concerns, including food shortages and epidemicsâ As a result, you must take precautions in advance of a natural disaster, such as creating numerous hospitals and stockpiling crops in food storage. In particular, the homes must be solidly constructed to withstand the elements. You are the monarch in Townsmen Premium. So ensure that your people live full and happy lives.

Collect taxes and exploit resources

Keep track of and collect taxes from city businesses. From there, it grew into further towns with spectacular buildings. There are numerous sorts of houses that can be constructed. More particular, this game has a ton of settings, some of which feature majestic castles, enormous monuments, and bridges across poetic rivers. If you could live in that city, you would undoubtedly be happy. There is a system of tough duties for you to complete each day in addition to creating and maintaining the lives of the citizens of the city. You must complete daily duties such as quests like harvesting crops for a set amount of money or building structures. With Townsmen Premium, you can say that every day with you will be busy yet joyful.


Townsmen Premium features 3D graphics that are incredibly accurate to the life of a medieval city. Trading, military combat, and even weddings are all shown in the game with the greatest clarity. In addition, the landscape is incredibly varied and colorful, with four distinct seasons and ideal weather. People with unusual shapes in particular thrill you more. This game gives you the impression that you’re watching a classic 90s movie, especially when coupled with the dynamically shifting background music.

MOD APK version of Townsmen Premium

MOD Feature

Unrestricted funds The two currencies of Townsmen Premium are Crown and Gold, with Crown being the more expensive one. All of your financial issues in this game will be resolved with the MOD version of IPHONESIDE. You will receive 1 000 000 Gold and 1 000000 Crowns specifically from the MOD version.
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Download Townsmen Premium MOD APK for Android

There are numerous city-building simulation games available, but it might be challenging to find one that offers fresh experiences like Townsmen Premium. Everything softly and honestly drew gamers in. I firmly believe that if you enjoy your life in this game, you will enjoy it more in real life. Don’t miss any interesting Townsmen Premium moments, then!

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