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Version 4.4.17
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Requires Android 8.0
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About TouchRetouchThe photography software by ADVA Soft costs $1.99, but you can have it for free by downloading the APK version linked below. Before we get started, let's learn a little bi...
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About TouchRetouch

The photography software by ADVA Soft costs $1.99, but you can have it for free by downloading the APK version linked below. Before we get started, let’s learn a little bit about TouchRetouch, a popular photo-editing application. ADVA Soft has introduced TouchRetouch. The app has approximately one million installs on Google Play since its introduction, with a lot of favorable feedback. This is a popular photo editing program with a lot of useful features. It functions as a professional photo editing application. Sometimes you shoot a great landscape photo by accident, but an object (people, animals, or automobiles) gets lost in the picture, causing the composition to be disrupted. This program provides you with a solution. You don’t have to go out and find and learn how to utilize complicated photo editing software on your computer. You can naturally remove those items from the shot with only a few simple actions. No one will be able to tell if you delete and modify details.

Simple interface

This is TouchRetouch’s most readily apparent advantage. This application features a highly user-friendly UI. Even if you have no prior knowledge with photo editing, you can still use it effectively. The app will walk you through some simple steps to remove undesired things from your images the first time you download it to your phone. To learn more about the app’s features, watch some instructive videos. There are only two buttons on your screen when you first open the app: Albums and Tutorials. Tutorials show you how to use TouchRetouch and how it works. If you’re already familiar with the program, select Albums and navigate to your photo library. Choose a photo to work with and begin using TouchRetouch’s magic.

Remove an object in the image

TouchRetouch has a characteristic that helps it attract millions of users all over the world. You can remove undesired elements from your images with only a few simple actions. Professional photo editors often spend hours editing a photo with complex tools, but you can do it yourself in just a few simple steps. You can use the Brush or Lasso tools to remove an object. Brush is useful for erasing a large object. Select Go after dragging your finger around an object. The item will be deleted and the application will act as if it never existed. Furthermore, Lasso will black out and remove the entire object. To black out more precisely, you can change the size of the brush strokes. Use the zoom in / zoom out buttons if the details are too small. This feature, in my experience, does not always perform as expected. In many circumstances, you will forget to eliminate items, resulting in deformed images. To get the photo right, you’ll need to practice a lot.

Line removal

When I first installed TouchRetouch, I had low expectations for this feature. But it’s really impressive after you’ve used it. Instead of using the Lasso and Brush tools I described earlier, the app recognizes straight lines like lines and wire and allows you to easily delete them. Your photos will be far more artistic and beautiful as a result of this. Use the Segment Removal feature to identify each segment of the line if your image has a lot of colors and complex objects. After that, you can choose whether or not to delete each segment.

Quick repair

Use Quick Repair if you want to erase small details with just a brush, such as acne or scars. This app will quickly and easily remove blemishes from your photos. In addition, the Clone Stamp tool aids in the removal of broken areas after an object has been deleted. This tool can also be used to move an object in the same photo to a different location. Before you move the object, remember to adjust its opacity and size. Clone Stamp also includes a Mirroring feature that allows you to create a mirror image of your photos. This feature allows you to hide some of the photo’s flaws, resulting in reflective art images. TouchRetouch is a very powerful tool.

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TouchRetouch’s features

  • It’s simple to use.
  • Delete the selected object.
  • Remove the single straight line.
  • Remove any flaws.
  • Traffic lights, automobiles, and other moving artificial items
  • In this mode, you may see what happened before and after.
  • Zoom in, out, and undo are all options.

Do you want to learn more? Picsart MOD APK and Pixaloop Pro are available for download.

MOD APK version of TouchRetouch

MOD feature

Unlocked Full Version

Download TouchRetouch MOD APK for Android

TouchRetouch is a professional and sophisticated photo editing program in general. It allows you to swiftly and easily eliminate undesired elements from a photo while maintaining the image’s natural appearance. It is simple to use for everyone. You don’t need a lot of photo editing knowledge to use this app; all you need is a good phone and this magical software. TouchRetouch can be downloaded for free using the links provided below.

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