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Total Destruction


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Name Total Destruction
Updated On
Publisher Morsakabi
Category Arcade
Version 2.5.4
Size 34M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Total DestructionHow well would you perform this if your only goal in life were to ruin everything?Gameplay...
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Introduce about Total Destruction

How well would you perform this if your only goal in life were to ruin everything?


Total Destruction’s sole objective is to demolish a variety of structures and terrain before destroying enemy cities using a variety of weapons with the maximum level of destructive force, including machine guns, cannons, autocannons, bombs, missiles, nuclear weapons, and even shockwaves. You will also require a number of equally horrible vehicles, such as helicopters, planes, tanks, and several more potent ground vehicles, in order to unleash these terrible weapons. More than 20 different vehicles are available in Total Destruction, such as A-10 tanks, AH-64s, and P. 1000 Rattes. You can start off modestly and improve as you make money to buy additional armor, better engines, and weapon systems produced by sandbox features that I will discuss later. In accordance with the aforementioned job, the more buildings and terrain you damage, fires and explosions you set off on the road, and destructive broken chains you produce, the more points you will earn. The ability to enhance the weapon is higher the more points there are. Above all, you will be in possession of a nuclear weapon with incredible destructive force that can obliterate a sizable metropolis. The process is as easy and straightforward as just aiming and firing. But you need to think very thoroughly through the process in order to accomplish that good value firing motion. Which one should I shoot first and which one second? How can I use the terrain to my advantage so I can fire one shot and take out multiple targets at once? How can I bombard as many targets as I can with the ammo and weaponry I have at my disposal? There are just two options for responding to this query: Play to get experience; once you do, you’ll naturally learn how to aim precisely and utilize the terrain effectively.(2) Be extremely cautious before releasing any weapons. Given the limited supply of ammo, the scene on the screen just fades away. You won’t be able to go on if you miss too many things. The key to winning this game is to figure out the best strategy for destroying as many obstacles as you can. The outcomes will be better the more carefully you consider them. One could argue that an impressive demolition serves as a type of compensation for your earlier stressful cognitive process. Total Destruction is therefore quite simple, yet progressing long and far in the game is not at all simple. It necessitates rapid decision-making, meticulous computation, and quick reflexes. With more than 35 missions to accomplish, 20 distinct achievement levels must be unlocked. Total Destruction provides players with a variety of specific attacks in addition to the primary objective of bombardment in general. They are the places where you have to deal with unique terrains and unusual views of the nearby buildings and structures, which occasionally leaves you unsure of where to start.

Sandbox mode

You can customize your own weapons in Total Destruction using the sandbox feature. To make firearms more lethal or generate artistic bullets, one might assemble, modify, and improve internal and external aspects. With this unusual, distinctive sandbox function, you can perform a ton of other fantastic things. When used in conjunction with other vehicles, each type of weapon has a varied amount of assault and power. With various fire and explosion effects, they wreak diverse kinds of havoc. Total Destruction makes a pretty fair point at this moment. Therefore, if you play in sandbox mode, you can also make a ton of additional random surprise combos.

Graphics and sound

Total Destruction’s graphics are definitely not its strongest suit. Buildings, landscape, and transportation all have very simple designs. They are extremely clear, though. And the weapons and a number of explosive effects are very stunning, which is what I think the game relies on to make players feel addicted. The background noise is sometimes quite powerful and striking. It does an excellent job of highlighting the main harmful effects of the game.

MOD APK version of Total Destruction

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds

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Download Total Destruction APK & MOD for Android

An enjoyable casual game called Total Destruction. You must pay close attention and not just go out and play if you want to disappear from the game for an extended period of time. The finest entertainment and stress release for me is found in Total Destruction.

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