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Name Total Commander
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Version 3.30
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Introduce about Total CommanderFor Android devices, a smart and fast file manager app is available.Smart storage is more important than you think - do it now before it's too late...
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Introduce about Total Commander

For Android devices, a smart and fast file manager app is available.

Smart storage is more important than you think – do it now before it’s too late

It’s possible that storing all of the different file formats in a specific order isn’t necessary. However, if your device has hundreds of thousands of large and small files for style, form, work, and personal reasons, it will be very easy to become confused without an effective management system in place. On a mobile device, sloppy and unorganized files can put you in the following situations:

  • You haven’t been able to locate what you’re looking for. Alternatively, but this takes a long time.
  • Your phone is becoming increasingly heavy.
  • Some files are duplicated multiple times without your knowledge.
  • It uses a lot of battery every time you open a file to alter it.

You’ll reach a point where you can’t watch videos and work at the same time:

  • Files assign each item a kind and a name, but they have no idea where they are stored.
  • The work is sluggish since it takes a long time to locate the file each time, and it is simple to become confused.

You’ll almost certainly need to find a clever, practical, and clean file management tool for your smartphone, such as Total Commander, to remedy almost all of these bothersome circumstances.

Summary of features of Total Commander

Total Commander is much more than a file manager. This application also assists you with unspecified workloads, but you may experience its benefits in ordinary device use when you mention it. There are a lot of file management apps for mobile, but at the time, Total Commander is probably the only one that can do everything. This is also why I prefer Total Commander to any other Android file management application. Take a look at the following summary of Total Commander’s features:

  • All large and small files should be copied and moved both inside and outside the computer.
  • Simply choose the file icon you wish to move, then drag & drop it immediately onto the screen.
  • Create a new folder and rename it without having to return to the directory tree’s original location.
  • Files can be moved to the recycle bin or deleted entirely from the device.
  • .zip files can be compressed and decompressed.
  • Change the Permissions properties in the Manage Properties dialog box.
  • Text editor with built-in support
  • Both files and documents include a deep search function.
  • Select or deselect one or more files.
  • By dragging and dropping the icon, you can select files by range.
  • The list of installed programs is visualized.
  • Clients for FTP and SFTP (plugins)
  • WebDAV (Web Directory Access Protocol) (plugin)
  • LAN connectivity (plugin)
  • Google Drive, Microsoft Live, and Dropbox have plugins for their cloud services.
  • Key functions have native support (optional)
  • Bluetooth file transfer (OBEX)
  • Thumbnails are small versions of larger images.
  • Two parallel panels or a virtual two-board mode
  • Bookmarks
  • History of folders
  • LAN, WebDAV, and cloud plugins are all supported by this media player.
  • Change directories, run internal commands, open apps, and send shell commands using a configurable button bar.
  • In English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, and Czech, there is a simple help function.
  • Text for icons is optimized for the visually impaired.

Total Commander currently supports a wide selection of popular languages around the world. Even if you’ve never used a file management program before, you’ll be able to utilize it with its brief, easy-to-understand, detailed feature, vibrant intuitive design, and a range of interpretative languages, regardless of where you are. English, German, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese are among the languages supported by Total Commander.

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Total Commander is now free to use and ad-free, although the home directory will include “Add plugins” links to other plug-ins by the same developer.

Download Total Commander APK for Android

In conclusion, you should download Total Commander if you need smart file management on mobile phones and tablets to relieve stress from having each file in an untidy location, as well as many other minor and easy support features.

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