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Name Top Speed
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Package com.tbegames.and.top_speed_racing
Publisher T-Bull
Category Games
Version 1.41.0
Size 102M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Top SpeedGameplayA typical drag racing video game is Top Speed. This makes its gameplay extremely straightforward and access...
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Introduce about Top Speed


A typical drag racing video game is Top Speed. This makes its gameplay extremely straightforward and accessible. You only need to wait for the appropriate opportunity to step on the gas throughout the game. Throughout the voyage, the automobile will move and accelerate on its own. A speedometer is visible on the screen. There are a few blue patches as well. You click the button with the arrow icon to start the car moving when the gauge needle is in this region. To be completely honest, Top Speed functions something like a tool for evaluating a player’s accuracy and response time. You only have a few opportunity to accelerate in a race this brief. You don’t seem to stand a chance of winning if you touch the screen more than once before the clock hands stop in the blue area. The first stages are simple to play, thus this is only relative. The AI in the game frequently provides you an opportunity to correct its errors. If you lose, you have the option of starting over.

What do you have to do to win each race?

You can’t seem to make a mistake even once as the complexity rises. On occasion, the adversary owns a class. Despite putting on a very strong performance, you can’t even beat him to the finish line in a race car with a powerful engine. So what do you need to do? One of the most important elements in every race is the start. Before the race starts, you have 3 seconds for prep. To keep the speedometer in the green zone, you must depress the accelerator. The vehicle will suddenly accelerate forward, leaving the rival in its wake. In reality, a few strong rivals take advantage of this chance as well. A nitro tank is also included in each vehicle’s setup. If you struggle to start the car, you have another chance. Nitro will automatically recharge while moving. Even when it is fully loaded, you may use it. Keep in mind that nitro has a single use. You should pick a crucial second to outwit your opponent in an instant.

Race car system

Each vehicle in Top Speed has been thoroughly and precisely designed. They each have their own set of parameters, which you can carefully examine at the garage. A general rating is also provided by the system so you can see how well-rated the car is. Numerous car models in Top Speed are based on actual vehicles. The order is first through fifth. You can only purchase first tier automobiles at first. However, you can unlock a variety of more sophisticated cars as you finish more missions and defeat more opponents.

Upgrade your cars to increase your stats

Short races against crime lords are available in this game. To advance to the next level, you must defeat them, and that is obviously not simple. They are accustomed to driving vehicles with strong engines. To make the car stronger and faster, you must also repair the components and update the engine. Top Speed offers a thorough replacement and upgrade scheme. Component models range widely, including those for the wheel, engine, starter, nitro, turbo, body, and gearbox. The system will show you which stats have increased by displaying the upgrading results in advance. Upgrades are very expensive. The cost of the upcoming improvements will increase from that of the current upgrading. You can choose to upgrade completely if your finances allow it. The car’s stats will then be increased to their highest level.

MOD APK version of Top Speed

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: After utilizing it, you receive tons of cash and gems.
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Download Top Speed MOD APK for Android

The newest drag racing video game on the market is not Top Speed. The excellent video game CSR Racing 2 is another option. Leaderboards, street racing mode, Versus mode, and Boss Battle are just a few of the game’s distinctive features and content. This is the game you should play once if you enjoy racing.

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