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Tom and Jerry: Chase

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Name Tom and Jerry: Chase
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Package com.netease.tjglobal
Publisher Netease Games
Category Casual
Version 5.3.50
Size 911M
Requires Android 2.3 and up
MOD Features No
Introduce about Tom and Jerry: ChaseJerry and Tom: Chase is a competitive 1v4 game with a playful aesthetic that inco...
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Introduce about Tom and Jerry: Chase

Jerry and Tom: Chase is a competitive 1v4 game with a playful aesthetic that incorporates characters from the popular show Tom and Jerry. Warner Bros. has allowed NetEase to produce a game using characters associated with childhood in order to induce a feeling of nostalgia while playing this game. This vintage original style game recreates the Tom and Jerry cartoons.


Tom and Jerry is a cartoon that we all remember from our youth. Although the narrative just contains the three words “cat chase mouse,” it is incredibly appealing to viewers of all ages. Netease does not want to lose its original identity, therefore they include the storey of the original film into the game, resulting in a game of chasing that is comparable to the plot of the film rather than growing it into a genre distinct from its fundamental content.

Fighting a giant cat with a little mouse, on the other hand, is not fair. This time, Tom, the cat, has to hunt four mice in search of cheese. Who will triumph?


If you’ve ever heard of or played Dead By Daylight Mobile or Identity V, you’ll immediately get familiar with Tom and Jerry: Chase. Essentially, you will be able to operate either the cat or mouse side. It’s like a chasing game; if you’re a cat, you pursue the mouse. And, if you play as the mouse, you must locate cheese and put it into your cave while avoiding being caught by the cat.

For example, if you choose the mouse side, you will initially operate a robot mouse to spy on the home and locate the position of the cheese in order to save time. If you are on the cat side, you may eradicate those rats to force the mouse side to spend more time seeking, increasing the time to pursue, and eliminating troublesome opponents.

The character in the game may be controlled with touch arrow buttons or Joystick buttons. In addition, as in MOBA games, there are several skill buttons for each character that may be learnt as they level up.


Essentially, the most notable monuments throughout the film are characters Tom and Jerry. But, in order to provide diversity to the game, Tom and Jerry: Chase includes characters that appear seldom in the series, such as Butch, Lightning, Jerry Robinhood, Jerry Detective, Tuffy…

Each character has their own set of abilities; be sure to read them thoroughly before beginning the contest. When the characters have their own clothing, the game is especially concerned with aesthetics.


When there are so many wonderful goods springing up all over the place, our fight will not be just an empty home. There are also numerous fascinating objects in the game, such as ice, bazookas, and bombs… When such objects are present, the never-ending pursuit will become more fascinating and tactical.

Playing with friends

Tom and Jerry: Chase, like other MOBA games, enables you to play custom matches with your friends, but only up to 5 players. You may connect and chat with your pals straight in the game, without the need for any additional software.


Admittedly, Netease understands how to utilise and use it best when the characters connected with childhood have graphics that are very comparable to those in the original films. This is a significant benefit that contributes to the game’s popularity.

The game, in particular, offers High Frame Rate (up to 60 FPS) and HD visuals to ensure that gamers enjoy the best experience possible.

Furthermore, the map is incredibly diversified and developed with each stroke. The chase war might take place at sea, inside, in castles, on boats, and so on. The music is also particularly involved, making you feel as if you are watching a Tom and Jerry episode to which you were once “obsessed” as a youngster.

Download Tom and Jerry: Chase APK for Android

Even when adapted for an Android game, Tom and Jerry has the characteristic that makes it more engaging than before. You may obtain the most recent and up-to-date updates by downloading this game from our website. If you have any queries or issues while playing this game, please leave a review and a remark below the article.