Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition


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Name Titan Quest: Legendary Edition
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Package com.hg.titanquestedition
Publisher Handygames
Category Games
Version 2.10.9
Size 4G
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features DLCs Unlocked
Introduce about Titan Quest: Legendary EditionIn2006, Titan Quest was originally made...
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Introduce about Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

In2006, Titan Quest was originally made available on the PC. Even though more than 14 years have gone, the market’s popularity for this game has not decreased. Titan Quest: Legendary Edition, a version by HandyGames that is available only for Android devices, features an original plot and a ton of in-game content that you can purchase for download. For$20.24, it is on sale on Google Play. There are no adverts included in this price, which covers the whole premium content plan (DLC). However, our website also offers a free download of this game.

The plot

The story of Titan Quest: Legendary Edition opens with the revelation that the Dark Titans broke out from the Olympians’ protracted incarceration. This intensifies their tremendous hate of the human race. In order to scare the planet with their powerful Titans, a Titan triad by the name of Telkines burst the conduit separating Olympus from the gods and mortals. Even though this is only the beginning of the revenge plan, prevent it from happening. Because if the Telkines succeed in wiping out humanity, the gods will also suffer the same fate. Find a means to reactivate the Olympus connection so you may transport these vile Titans to the most ominous jail while also demonstrating to the gods that humanity can survive without their protection.


In the Pre-Roman era, where Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is set, humanity is thriving but also dealing with its worst challenges. You must track down the leaders, kill them, and restore world peace now that the Titans have been released into the globe. You begin the game in the village of Helos, where animals are destroying the crops. The villagers (NPCs) will lead you and provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to defeat them. You can discover new regions, face off against new foes, and take on challenges as the material develops. Throughout the quest, your character also gradually gets stronger. He is able to develop more potent fighting techniques as a result. Sadly, if he loses a battle, he can be revived at the nearby checkpoint, but some experience points will be taken away. There are now three DLCs available for the game: IMMORTAL THRONE, ATLANTIS, and RAGNAR-K. You can read the text summary provided by the system before continuing to download the item. But generally speaking, the above DLCs all culminate in a huge boss fight. To have a chance of beating them, you must constantly increase the strength of your character and use assistance equipment.


A hack and slash role-playing game is Titan Quest: Legendary Edition. If you’ve played role-playing games on mobile devices, you’ll quickly pick up the game’s basic and familiar control scheme. The virtual joystick on the left side of the screen controls the character’s movement, while the skill and action virtual keys are located in the right corner of the screen. In it, a typical attack is represented by the weapon symbol. They can be continuously used because they don’t use mana. Differently, when using skills, a character must wait for the cooldown and lose mana.


The character can acquire new skills as he levels up, as was previously mentioned. Additionally, he adds unrestricted attribute points to one of his personal qualities, such as energy, dexterity, strength, health, or intelligence. The character can also add more weapons, armor, and costumes to their arsenal to boost their stats. These goods can be acquired through combat or as rewards for finishing NPC tasks. Swords, clubs, and axes are a some of the weapons that are at your disposal. They all function similarly and are all melee weapons.

MOD APK version of Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

MOD feature

Paid content has been unlocked, including DLCs. To play it for free, you only need to install the APKs file (with any SAI app, such IPHONESIDE Installer). You can also try other applications like The Wolf, Real Steel Boxing Champions, and PC Creator.

Download Titan Quest: Legendary Edition MOD APK for Android

When you play Titan Quest: Legendary Edition, you embark on a trip across the ancient world as the gods and the evil Titans battle each other. You can design your own hero to battle evil and visit well-known ancient sites including Babylon, the pyramids, and the Tartarus arena. Last but not least, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is available for free download here, but it is a sizable file. To install and launch the game, make sure your smartphone has Android 5.0 or higher and 4 GB of free space.

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