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Timestamp Camera Pro

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Name Timestamp Camera Pro
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Introduce about Timestamp Camera ProWith the super-fast operation, you may add the date and time, a logo, text, and a map to photos and videos.When do you need it?It's simple t...
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Introduce about Timestamp Camera Pro

With the super-fast operation, you may add the date and time, a logo, text, and a map to photos and videos.

When do you need it?

It’s simple to take a picture in real time in group conversations and then transmit it immediately. The time taken will be noted in the chat thread below. You can also easily add captions if you like. But what if you take pictures with your phone camera, rather than a group chat or another app’s camera? Of course, you don’t have any exact details regarding the shooting time, place, or text on the image. You must add it yourself if you wish to do so. But don’t panic; we now have apps to assist you in doing so as swiftly and easily as possible. It would be fantastic if the software could provide a template in the shape of a frame with all of the relevant information, and all you have to do is raise your phone camera to shoot the photo. So, when the photo is finished, you reopen it and check to see if the information is still available.

What is Timestamp Camera Pro?

It is incredibly little and takes up very little space, yet its functionality is exceptional. Timestamp Camera Pro will assist you in inserting the relevant information and text into the images, as well as creating a photo template. As a result, without any post-production labor, this information is available on every shot captured. What kind of information can Timestamp Camera Pro add to an image? Quite a bit. Date, time, shooting location, address, name, map, compass, logo… are just a few examples. You can also insert something into any video on the device, not just to add to the picture.

Insert date, time, location into the image automatically

Simply choose the date and time insert function in Timestamp Camera Pro, and the software will add the date and time to the shot depending on the date and time on the phone’s clock. If you select to display the location, it will appear in the photo. It is set as the default location information for the phone locator. Timestamp Camera Pro can handle up to 61 different time formats. In the time display templates accessible in the app, you’ll discover a style of how the date/time is displayed that suits you, regardless of where you are in the world. The Change display position feature allows users to customize the location of the date on the image/video on the phone. This feature set includes seven different display options: top left, top center, top right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right, and center.

Customize options

The user can alter the appearance of the photographs by adding information to them. Everything may be changed, from the font, font color, and size to the thickness and opacity of the content displayed on the image. You can choose from a range of aspect ratio sizes and shooting settings for photographs taken using the app, such as1:1,2:3,3:4, portrait mode, landscape mode, and so on.

Insert text and special characters on the image

We frequently need to add a short bit of text and emotional characters to our photographs in addition to the time, place, and basic adjustments mentioned above. This is also simple using Timestamp Camera Pro. You can display the map on the image in addition to the standard text or emotional characters. On the image/video, you can also change the map scale, transparency, size, and display position. Many online sellers also want the logo to be automatically included into the image so that they don’t have to use computer software to do it.

You can also try other applications like Twitch, Dumpster, and Google.

In addition to the “insert” feature, Timestamp Camera Pro also supports the followings

The following are a number of additional features included with the app. I didn’t pay much attention to them at first. However, after a long period of use, I found them to be pretty handy. Let’s have a look at what you can do now:

  • Battery Saver Mode, with screen brightness ranging from 0% to 100%. If you use the app for an extended period of time, you can combine this tweak to reduce battery consumption.
  • When snapping images, use the shutter mute button. When you want to snap a lot of images but don’t want to hear the unpleasant clicking sound of your phone’s camera shutter, this is the app to use.
  • The capability of interfering with the phone camera’s resolution. You can adjust the camera’s resolution to suit the quality and size of the image you want to capture.
  • Other video recording features include recording with or without sound, capturing images while recording, and storing photos and movies directly to the SD card.

Download Timestamp Camera Pro APK free for Android

To summarize, Timestamp Camera Pro is a really useful program. This program has most of the typical items that a person could want to include or add to his or her image/video, and it also allows us to alter a variety of other things. If you require this, you should immediately get Timestamp Camera Pro.

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