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App Name ThopTV
Publisher Thopster Athen
Genre Apps
Size 14.5MB
Latest Version v45.4.0
Update August 29, 2021

People love movies and tv shows. For decades, we’ve seen countless movies and tv shows air on televisions and on CDs and DVDs. We are even enthusiastic when we watch them on theaters. This is why Hollywood and tons of actors around the world still produces tons of movies and shows every year. For most, they are the number one form of entertainment. If you’re one of those people, you’ll love this app!
ThopTV APK is a popular Android app that lets you watch unlimited movies and TV shows around the world! This app allows you to do so without paying anything! Yes, thanks to ThopTV, you can now enjoy thousands of movies and tv shows uninterrupted. Aside from that, there are plenty of features that this app offers. If you’re curious, read on!

What is ThopTV?
Movies and tv shows have always been the number one form of entertainment for most people around the globe. This is why actors, directors and the whole entertainment media get richer and more popular. We can’t help it, thanks to technology, we’ve revolutionized how we consume media today. Now, we can watch any movie or show anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the streaming services such as Netflix, RedBox TV this is all possible. However, the only downside to these services is they cost money!

For most people, they can’t afford to pay a monthly subscription to these streaming services since they only earn a minimum wage. And for some, this is a luxury that eats away at their budget. If you’re one of these people, you don’t have to pay anything to watch movies and tv shows now thanks to ThopTV. This revolutionary app allows you to watch countless movies and TV shows from around the globe all from your smartphone!
Aside from that, the app is packed full of features that you can’t find elsewhere even in the paid streaming services. Nothing can stop you from being entertained when you have the ThopTV app! It supports HD streaming, a huge library of TV channels, sports channels, radio channels, compatibility with Firestick, user-friendly interface, favorites list, customer support, subtitles, and more! The best part is, this app is absolutely free to use for anyone worldwide! There are no hidden fees, you can watch right now. If you’re curious, read on below!

Features of ThopTV
Online streaming services today such as Netflix, Viki APK and Hulu offer stunning services. But they cost a lot of money! Thankfully, there’s an app called ThopTV where you can watch tons of movies and TV shows for free! Here are its features:

Tons of sports channels – We all know that lots of people love sports! It’s only natural to watch them on TV. Whatever sports you’re looking to watch, you can watch it for free on ThopTV! This app boasts a lot of sports channels on different sports such as basketball, baseball, cricket, football, volleyball, lawn tennis and more!
TV channels and movies – If you’re a movie and TV shows enthusiast but can’t afford streaming services such as Netflix, ThopTV is the app for you! This app boasts a staggering 3000 TV channels worldwide! Plus, the app already has more than 3000 movies in it you can readily watch! Whatever movie you need to watch, you can bet that ThopTV has it for you. And it offers it easily for common people like you to watch.

500 different Indian channels – Aside from these, you can also easily access Jio TV, Hungama TV, Pogo TV and a total of 500 different Indian entertainment channels!! Whether you’re an Indian or not, you can enjoy watching Bollywood entertainment wherever you are at no cost! We all know that Indians produce some top-notch entertainment whether drama, comedy, and action. All the well-known plus the lesser known live channels in India are all in ThopTV!

HD streaming – What makes ThopTV truly worth using is the fact that it supports HD streaming especially if you’re using MX Player! Now you truly don’t need to pay a premium price just to get a premium experience if you can get it online from ThopTV for free! Almost all the media in this app can be viewed in high-quality definition that will definitely wow you. This will truly convince you to watch in ThopTV instead of paying for cable or Netflix!

Favorites list – If you love some movies or tv shows so much that you want to save them for future reference, you can do so in ThopTV! You can freely add them to your favorites list for later consumption! This is an option that almost all streaming service offers such as Netflix and Hulu that ThopTV offers for free!
User-friendly interface – Aside from those ThopTV also offers an easy and friendly interface to meet your needs. You can quickly watch a tv show or a movie with just a few taps! No need to go through a maze of things just to get what you want. ThopTV offers it all and makes it easy even for senior citizens to watch movies and tv shows they love.

Supports Firestick and CAST – If you need to watch movies and tv shows on the large screen, ThopTV also supports Firestick and CAST! This means that you can enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows on a larger screen than your phone. Talk about convenience!

Tons of categories – ThopTV offers tons of movies and live tv channels on almost all the known categories out there. Whatever you need be it news, sports, entertainment, cartoon – they have it! This allows you to watch tons of content easily without having to use a third-party app.

Customer support chat – But probably the most surprising feature that this free app offers is the existence of customer support chat feature! Yes, you’ve read that right! This free app allows you to contact their customer service in case a problem arise.
Supports all Android devices – Whatever Android device you have, you can use ThopTV! This is truly unprecedented as most streaming services only allow updated Android devices.

Subtitles – If you want to watch a foreign film or an online tv shows, you can also add subtitles! You can add subtitles from external sources inside the app.

Free of cost! – The best part about all of this is that it’s free! You will pay nothing to watch your favorite movies and tv shows!

ThopTV APK Download for Android – Latest version 2021
ThopTV is an awesome app that allows you to watch unlimited tv shows and movies for free! Download the latest version now!